Flight of the Angry Beast (Clown Shoes)

Flight of the Angry Beast is a blended beer utilizing equal amounts of three different Clown Shoes brews; Blaecorn Unidragon aged in scotch barrels, Billionaire in scotch barrels, and Undead Party Crasher in bourbon barrels. This means that the resulting effort succeeds completely with its unification of barley wine and imperial stout styles.Flight of the Angry Beast
The beer is rich, luxurious and pours with a dark brown to almost blackish color. A good amount of off-white head sits on top of the beer, a good amount of foam quickly dissipates leaving a dense and thick effort as a result. Rather than coming forth with a tarry and heavy body that a imperial stout normally provides, Flight of the Angry Beast has a certain yin and yang to it – there are two distinct threads that are present here. The barleywine keeps things on the hunt and boozy side while the imperial stout brings together hints of chocolate, coffee, and even vanilla and bourbon into the mix.

The decent amount of hops that are present here too well to go and refresh the invaders pallets making for something new each and every time somebody takes a sip. As one continues along with this beer, they will find other tastes and experience – we were able to discern bits of cayenne, toasted mulch and even a little bit of brown sugar before the end of the bottle. We have covered Breakfast Exorcism and Vampire Slayer in the last few years.  A full rundown of all of the year-round and seasonal product offerings that the company provides is available on their website, while I want over to their Facebook and Twitter profiles is necessary to find out information about new product offerings and events that the company may be attending

Rating: 9.7/10

Flight of the Angry Beast / Clown Shoes Brewing /  10.75% ABV /  https://twitter.com/clownshoesbeer /https://www.facebook.com/clownshoesbeer/ /

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