Hillbilly Vegas 76’ EP Review

Can’t Go Home is a smart blend of country and rock, showcasing the technical ability of Hillbilly Vegas from the onset of their latest release, the 76’ EP. The richness of the composition ensures that one will continually hear additional twists and turns on subsequent listens. The slower tempo of Long Way Back immediately allows listeners to hear more of the nuance present in the instrumental arrangements, while the composition gradually increases tempo until listeners are presented with a sizzling effort that will tattoo its melodies deep. A guitar solo is the cherry on this sundae, giving a boost to the momentum that leads fans into Shake It Like A Hillbilly. The track is able to tie together two distinct styles of music, coming forth with a very contemporary mélange of country and rock while pulling forth a sound not quite unlike Every Mother’s Nightmare and Warrant. The production is spot-on here, allowing each element of Hillbilly Vegas to shine.Hillbilly Vegas 76’ EP Review

High Time for a Good Time links together Bon Jovi and the Black Crowes into a blues-infused country style. The bit of jam that Hillbilly Vegas inserts into the mix here showcases that the act continues to innovate even at the latter part of their releases. 2 Gun Town is a stripped-down furious rock track that succeeds on passionate vocals, intense guitar lines, and an on-point drum that sets things up impeccably. Hints of rockabilly can be heard at the periphery, showcasing a possible avenue for the band on subsequent releases. The 76’ EP has a hell of a replay value, and may be the most impressive short-form release that we have so far this year.

Top Tracks: Shake It Like A Hillbilly, High Time for a Good Time

Rating: 8.7/10

Hillbilly Vegas 76’ EP Review / 2016 Self / 6 Tracks / https://www.reverbnation.com/hillbillyvegas / http://hillbillyvegasmusic.com/ /

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