Jeff Buckley – You And I

Like other wildly talented young musicians who died tragically young, there is always a move to release all unheard recordings made during their lifetime. The result is not always ideal. In the case of Buckley, who drowned in Memphis in 1997 at the age of 30 with only one studio album to his name, the recordings have all been pretty impressive, including the latest, packaged as “You And I.”Jeff Buckley – You And I (Columbia/Legacy)

Long rumored as the “Addabbo Sessions,” the 10 songs that make up this record are a collection of fantastically reimagined covers some of his musical heroes like Dylan (“Just Like a Woman”), Sly & The Family Stone (“Everyday People”), a couple of Smith’s tracks (“The Boy With the Thorn in His Side” and “I Know It’s Over”) and others.

While Buckley does a phenomenal job of reinterpreting these classics in his own hauntingly, sad style, the most impressive moment on the record is his take on the Sly Stone ditty. He manages to take a get-on-the-dance floor classic and turn it into a genuine, emotionally wrought plea to understand the differences in everyone.

Jeff Buckley – You And I/10 tracks/Columbia & Legacy/2016 / /

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