Sometimes Julie – Bright Side of the Line

Sometimes Julie - Bright Side of the Line

Bright Side of the Line is the latest release from San Diego’s Sometimes Julie; the album starts out with the polished and catchy introduction, Emily. The track does a tremendous job at inviting listeners in, while the disc’s second effort, the titular Bright Side of the Line, is an impressive effort. The impassioned vocals link up with sizzling guitar work and on-point drumming to make for something that will stick in listeners’ minds long after the album has ceased to play. The track does a great job in including pieces that fans of rock, pop, and even country genres can appreciate.

Sanctuary slows things up, allowing listeners to hear the greater finesse of Sometimes Julie. The dynamic between the guitars and bass is something special, creating a secondary voice to the track that Monica’s vocals can play off of. While the track picks up, I feel that this more contemplative effort is something that colors the rest of the EP. Standing My Own Ground is based in a more blues-rock tradition, with hints of Sheryl Crow and Carrie Underwood able to be picked up at points.

When the Sun Ain’t Shining is the final track on Bright Side of the Line. The instrumental-heavy introduction is something refreshing for the final strains of the EP, and are given further energy when Monica’s vocals begin. When each element of Sometimes Julie enters into the fray, listeners are given another strong effort to conclude the disc. With a polished production and oodles of confidence, Bright Side of the Line is one of the best EPs we have reviewed this year.

Top Tracks: Standing My Own Ground, Bright Side of the Line

Rating: 8.7/10

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