Bruce Mountain Band – “Another Day Lost”

Bruce Mountain Band - "Another Day Lost"

Bruce Mountain Band begin their “Another Day Lost” with Shine On, a track that blends together psychedelic and hard rock. The vocals take influence from Motorhead and AC/DC, while the sizzling guitar work and on-point drumming allow this track to immediately ensnare listeners. Namaste has the band bring forth a tremendous amount of emotion in little more than an instrumental opening. When the vocals enter into the equation, the track is able to simultaneously appease fans of 1970s, 1990s, and current rock. Bits and bobs of Mott The Hoople, The Black Crowes, and Queensryche can all be discerned. 

Living Without You is a stripped-down, furious hard-rock track that clobber fans over the head with a one-two vocal/drum attack. This stripped-down approach is rough, raw, and it provides fans with the energy that they need to end Another Day Lost with the same furor that they began the album. Everything I Want, the counterpoint to Living Without You, showcases the tremendous ability of the Bruce Mountain Band. A slower tempo allows a guitar/drum/vocal dynamic to take listeners on a journey. This softer sound is perfect to bring greater narrative complexity into the mix. The guitar work encountered here creates something unique, triangulating a special sound that adopts equal parts Santana and blues.

CrookedLeg dashes a bit of Weezer-like alternative rock into the mix, putting the band’s inimitable impression on the resulting effort by virtue of a chugging sound, MC5-esque drumming, and a Monster Magnet meets Corrosion of Conformity vocal approach. Long Way Home is the concluding effort on Bruce Mountain Band’s “Another Day Lost”, adopting a deliberate, country and western style to the guitar and vocals. By doing so, the band is able to wind down the album slowly, all while providing fans with some semblance of where the Bruce Mountain Band may ultimately go on subsequent albums.

Top Tracks: Living Without You, Everything I Want

Rating: 8.7/10

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