Igor’s Dream 2016 (Two Roads Brewing)

Igor's Dream 2016 (Two Roads)

Igor’s Dream is an always-highly anticipated Russian Imperial Stout from Connecticut’s Two Roads Brewing. The beer pours with a dark brown to nearly black coloration and only the smallest in the way of a head lays on the top of a poured glass.

The mouth feel of Igor’s Dream is strong and assertive, blending together nuts, coffee, and a little bit of leather and oak. Just enough in the way of sugar is present here to provide considerable balance to the beer, which comes in hot from a good, boozy burn; this initial warmth fades as one continues along each 750 mL bottle. The roasted elements coming from the malt used here provide an additional layer of depth to Igor’s Dream. Bits of chocolate, coffee, and dark fruits can all be discerned at points, while caramel and vanilla peak through to compliment the major notes present in the brew; Igor’s Dream is miles more complex than many Russian Imperial Stouts on the market. Two Roads has made an effort here that continually provides individuals with different twists and turns, ensuring that one will conclude a bottle with as much gusto as they initially did when they opened it.

This may just be our favorite Two Roads offering, a formidable feat considering we have covered their stellar Bergamot and Unorthodox. The Two Roads website is a great resource for anybody that is trying to figure out the perfect sort of beer that the brewery crafts and what offerings from the brewery are currently available for sale. The social media presence the company will keep individuals up to date, ensuring that users know about new products available in one’s local beer store.

Igor’s Dream has a limited bottle count (900) while variants including Maple Whiskey and Scotch barrel-aged Igor’s Dream each had 250-count runs.

Rating 9.0/10

Igor’s Dream 2016 / Two Roads Brewing  / Russian Imperial Stout / 10.9% ABV / http://tworoadsbrewing.com// https://www.facebook.com/TwoRoadsBrewing /https://twitter.com/2RoadsBrewing /

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