Jim Wellman “Dawn to Dusk” CD Review

Jim Wellman "Dawn to Dusk"

Dawn to Dusk begins with Lucy, an effort that links together jazz and funk into a chill package; Judy La Rose’s vocals will immediately tattoo themselves deep into the psyche of listeners. Lewontin Campbell is an extraordinarily complex track that will require listeners multiple listens to fully understand. While there is a very easy-listening, lounge-meets-soul sound that plays at the top level of the composition, there are so many elements that are playing at the center and periphery of the element that fans will still be finding new dynamics and sounds even ten or fifteen listens in.

Premature Truth is a track that uses vocals as a garnish rather than as a main entrée; by allowing each of the distinct elements of the act ample time to work amongst one another, I feel that the work is that much more effective at conveying themes and emotions. Night of the Meme brings listeners back to the halcyon days of the Motown music scene. The technical ability of Wellman is showcased nicely during this track, bubbling just below the polished exterior. For The First Time is a rare example of a late-album track that hangs with the introductory efforts of an album. The rich and sunny arrangements that listeners will experience here are given additional pizzazz with hints of horn.

The track will make fans think of sunny summer days and breezy walks on a cloudless day. Let The People Rule Ya puts a heady bass light front and center, adding vocal streams to provide further momentum. The album ends with as much fervor and flair as it began.

Top Tracks: For The First Time, Night of the Meme

Rating: 8.1/10

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