Therapedic TruCool Side Sleeper Memory Foam Bed Pillow

Therapedic TruCool Side Sleeper Memory Foam Bed Pillow

There are so many pillows that are on the market and these range from $4 all the way up to about $200–$300 at the absolute high end. As a result it seems to be nearly a collegiate course required to understand what product is best for you based on how you sleep, whether you snore, and how your sinuses are impacted by sleep – the list of concerns goes on and on. Therapeutic has created what we perceive as a near-perfect pillow for those that sleep on their sides.

The TruCool Side Sleeper Memory Foam Bed Pillow utilizes a dense block memory foam to establish a profile for an individual and includes enough in the way of firmness to keep an individual comfortable for years, rather than the shorter life span of competing pillows. This pillow is priced at a point ($69.99) that it can easily be replaced over the course of a year or two but is made with ample quality to go and serve a purchaser for 3, 5 or even 10 years.

What we were most shocked by was the sheer weight of the pillow. This does not equate in any way to the overall firmness of the pillow but should make an individual confidence that the pillow will last through any regular motions that one may put it through. We have been able to experience this side sleeper pillow for the better part of 4 months at this point and are still pleased with it each night. The TruCool Side Sleeper Memory Foam Bed Pillow is so comfortable in fact that we have various family members fight over it when they come to visit. The Side Sleeper Memory Foam pillow is available from Therapedic for around $70; information about the product is present at their website. The pillow is available from your local bed Bath & Beyond location. Further information about the full line of Therapedic products can be located at their website.

Rating: 9.2/10

Therapedic TruCool Side Sleeper Memory Foam Bed Pillow / $69.99 / / /

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