BurgerFi (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

We had an opportunity to stop at BurgerFi, one of the main tenants that have sprung up by the Giant Eagle Market District in the Cuyahoga Falls neighborhood of Akron, Ohio. We were treated to quick service, large portions, and a hands-on owner that made our experience a delightful one.  Continue reading “BurgerFi (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)”

Steel – Good Vibes (feat. Nychaela Symone)

Steel’s Good Vibes starts with an infectious synth beat and ties together hints of 1990s dance with hints of reggae and pop. The arrangements rise and fall during Good Vibes, allowing the vocals of Steel and Nychaela Symone ample opportunity to shine. Continue reading “Steel – Good Vibes (feat. Nychaela Symone)”

Diana Ebe- “Bold”

Diana Ebe’s Bold begins with a powerful vocal/synth opening before ratcheting up the intensity and going for an electronic/organic dichotomy. What ultimately results with Bold is a haunting, atmospheric sort of composition that works equally well in the EDM and pop genres. Continue reading “Diana Ebe- “Bold””

Kate Brown – Cartwheel

Kate Brown is able to create a timeless track with her latest, Cartwheel, that ties together artists like Melissa Etheridge and Linda Perry. Cartwheel is a crossover track that will please fans of pop, the singer-songwriter tradition, and country music. A talented instrumentation ties together these disparate elements together and increases the replay value of the single considerably.  Continue reading “Kate Brown – Cartwheel”

Rod Melancon “Lights of Carencro”

Rod Melancon starts off Lights of Carencro with a spoken-word styling similar to the Drive-By Truckers classic, Three Great Alabama Icons as well as late-career Johnny Cash tracks. Where Melancon innovates comes in an intricate, deep instrumentation that brings a wave of distortion at all of the right points. Continue reading “Rod Melancon “Lights of Carencro””

Killing Tyranny – Martyr

Who I Am is the introductory track on Southern California’s Killing Tyranny’s latest, Martyr. The single ties together furious guitar work, supersonic vocals, and complex drums and bass that will have listeners on the edges of their seats. Caged continues this high momentum with growled vocals and pointed drum fills. Continue reading “Killing Tyranny – Martyr”

The Dead Daisies – Long Way To Go

What The Dead Daisies do on their latest single “Long Way To Go” is create something that will raise heart rates; the cut sizzles with the fury of a thousand suns. “Long Way To Go” is down and dirty hard rock with plenty of riffs that build off of the work of Guns ‘N Roses and Megadeth. Continue reading “The Dead Daisies – Long Way To Go”

Julia Kahn Music – ALICE

Julia Kahn creates a hooky bit of pop-rock that ties together the singer-songwriter style of artists like Sheryl Crow with an impressive instrumentation that takes on hints of surf and psychedelic music. Together, these two elements combine to create something that is bouncy, fun, and stands up to repeat plays. Continue reading “Julia Kahn Music – ALICE”

Has modern digital art lost its artistry?

Has software taken away from artistic inspiration?

Digital Artist have created many stunning works over the years and pushed the boundary lines of what we accept as art.  From the artist which uses Corel or Painter to make a digital image with a traditional twist, to the 3D artist who uses Maya or 3D Studio max to compile their compositions, there is little doubt that the computer has affected our modern views of art. And while the age old question of “what constitutes art” is still subjective, one has to question whether or not this open policy has negatively affected the inspiration and artistry found in art. Continue reading “Has modern digital art lost its artistry?”