Discover How You Can Get Noticed on an Online Dating Site

On a bored night, have you ever looked through some random profiles on the dating site you’ve joined? You probably think to yourself, “What were they thinking?” when you read some of the stuff they wrote. You might even try to figure out if they created their profile with a serious intention of meeting people, or if it was a joke.

The reality is some of these profiles are joke profiles, but then there are some that are quite serious. These people who created those profiles simply do not understand the art of making a profile stand out.  You want to create a profile that shows people that you’re quite the catch, and they would be missing out on someone fantastic if they didn’t reach out to you. Keep reading and we’ll tell you the best ways you can get your profile noticed on a dating site.

  1. Make a profile that causes people to think. As you are filling out the various portions of your profile, you will want to be engaging and interesting. Use your words to catch someone’s attention and keep it! You can do this by describing yourself, your experiences, and your goals in great detail. You want the other people to imagine what it would be like to date you.


  1. Pick a profile picture that grabs someone’s attention. Naturally, you’re going to have to upload your picture to the dating site once you’ve signed up. This picture selection decision shouldn’t be taken lightly! You want to choose a photo that is current, you look good, and you are doing something. This something could be anything from baking a cake, riding a motorcycle, or just putting together a puzzle. Whatever you choose, it will show people a glimpse of what you enjoy doing and help them decide if they’d like to get to know you.


  1. Proofread your profile. People are less inclined to reach out and message someone if their profile is hard to read. This means you don’t want to use abbreviations (LOL, BTW, WTF, YOLO and so forth) or emoticons. You can use these things (sparingly) in any email or chat exchanges, but not the profile.


  1. Being humble does not mean belittling yourself. For some strange reason, a lot of people feel like when they belittle themselves, they are actually being humble. That isn’t the case. The point of a dating site is to help you find a date. When you humble yourself and try to play down your assets, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice! Instead of downplaying or even saying you’re bad at something when you’re quite good at it, be proud of who you are and what you can do! You are trying to stand out and if you can play the piano with your toes or you can recite Shakespeare flawlessly, own it!


  1. Always play the honesty card. No one has ever said I got my heart broken by that honest jerk. Why? Because if the other person were honest with you would have had the sense to leave them alone in the first place. Being honest is probably the most useful and important bit of advice on how to stand out. When people trust you because you’ve never lied to them, that sets a very good precedent for the rest of the relationship.
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