Death Valley Shootout: Remus Revenge

Death Valley Shootout: Remus Revenge is a 14% ABV bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout which also includes bits of maple syrup and brown sugar. With our pour, we noticed an inky black coloration that was topped with an infinitesimally small head. Continue reading “Death Valley Shootout: Remus Revenge”

mOmma Spill-Proof Cup | Lansinoh

We had just gotten to the point where our child has moved away to some degree from their bottle and has the coordination that is required to begin using a sippy cup. The amount of horror stories that exist regarding the ability of sippy cups to take up gross and outright dangerous things like mold and mildew is considerable. We had been using products from the dollar store due to the simplicity of the design which did not allow juice to collect for any length of time. Continue reading “mOmma Spill-Proof Cup | Lansinoh”

Owltainment Working on “Generals of the Yang Family”

Owltainment connects east and west with their upcoming film. “Generals of the Yang Family” is a historical epic that focuses on the Song Dynasty; the company is working with Tencent to promote the flick, ensuring that the film gets in the hands of anyone looking for further education about a relatively unknown period in Chinese history. More information about Generals of the Yang Family will be released in the upcoming months. Continue reading “Owltainment Working on “Generals of the Yang Family””

Mahogany Dannie Sits Down with NeuFutur

Today, we are speaking with Memphis’ Mahogany Dannie. How did you get into music?

Well to start, I was that child in the youth choir that just had to sing louder than everyone else because I loved singing and wanted to be heard.  It also didn’t help that my parents were huge Jackson fans, so we would find ourselves pretending to be one of The Jacksons and putting on concerts all the while not knowing the words. We would just lip sync and pretend to be them.  Continue reading “Mahogany Dannie Sits Down with NeuFutur”

HiFiMAN Edition S headphones

The HiFiMAN Edition S headphones are crafted with the audiophile in mind. While there is a trade-off between quality and price often times what individuals will experience when it comes to a pair of the Edition S headphones is nothing short of amazing. The company has created a pair of headphones that stand up to the other rigors of everyday life without pricing them outside of the reach of the average consumer. We have had the chance to cover a number of headphones that cracked the $500 barrier but we can honestly say that these headphones provide a fidelity and fullness to the sound, no matter what exactly an individual may be utilizing the headphones. This quality is comparable if not in excess of the quality of the most pricey offerings on the market. Continue reading “HiFiMAN Edition S headphones”

Must Haves For Any IPhone Users

If you are someone that has an iPhone, you will probably have many reasons why you love it. For starters, iPhones are pretty straightforward to use. They look good, have brightly colored apps and screens. The functionality of an iPhone is good too, and the technology just keeps getting better and better. Of course, you need to set up an iTunes account when you first use it. Then you will have a way to sync up your phone to your laptop or computer. Then you can access things like your photos and documents on any device. So it is a must if you have an iPad too. It also helps with downloading and playing music, of course! There are a certain few things that you will need for your iPhone though. If you have an iPhone, or are thinking of getting one, read one to see what they are. Continue reading “Must Haves For Any IPhone Users”

Patrick Ames – Standard Candles

You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore is a slinky sort of track that ties together rock, jazz, and pop into an unique sound. The deliberate sound of the instrumentation on this first track on Standard Candles ensures that listeners will be on the edges of their seats; where will Ames ultimately go in the follow-up to this introductory salvo? Continue reading “Patrick Ames – Standard Candles”

Clif Bar – Nut Butter Filled

Clif Bars are one of our go-to snacks when it comes to trips and other outings and it always seems as if the company creates new varieties on the regular. We’ve had some amazing variants in terms of their pumpkin bars from a few years back but we’re a little trepidation when it came to their new Nut Butter Filled bars. In fact we weren’t sold on the new products when we first cracked in to their chocolate peanut butter variant. It wasn’t until our second time when we started to see the products for what they were, namely that these are a slightly healthier type of no-bake cookies. Continue reading “Clif Bar – Nut Butter Filled”

Tion Wayne – Wayne’s World 2

Doing OK links together the styles of Akon, T-Pain, and Wyclef Jean into a hopeful sort of track, while Lavish Living slows things up to allow Tion Wayne to have a little bit of the vocal snarl of a 50 Cent or Rick Ross. An infectious hook is all that is needed to turn Bae into a radio-ready single. Continue reading “Tion Wayne – Wayne’s World 2”

Denel “Imperfectly Perfect 2.0″

Imperfectly Perfect 2.0 is a haunting and compelling single that deftly blenders together dance and R&B styles. The vocals pull double duty here, both coming forth as an honest statement of love while further contributing to the overall sound of the track. The heartbeat-inspired beat provides a further level of depth to Imperfectly Perfect 2.0. Continue reading “Denel “Imperfectly Perfect 2.0″”