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In a world overwhelmed by casino authorities and review sites, there are only a number of domains that enjoy a good reputation among both professional and amateur players.  And one of those domains is a site that has been serving UK gamblers for nearly over a decade.

If you haven’t visited it yet, Casino Shorts is a portal that offers resources, reviews and key information about online casinos.  Its focus it’s primarily casinos that provide games for UK players. However, as the same casinos are offered to other players from across the globe, the portal enjoys a steady amount of visitors from other countries as well.sdafa

Ease of Use/ Navigation

A good resource site should always be user-friendly and Casino Shorts fits that description perfectly. Right from the landing page, you are given a brief info on what the site can do for you. There are also several menu bars on the side to help you start your search fast.

The landing page also offers a short breakdown of new casinos, top bonuses, and the methodology used to find the best operators. As you scroll down, you notice that the information is short, valid, and right to the point.

If you feel like you want to know more about a specific criterion, you can easily click the inserted links in their text and land on a page with more information.

And even if you didn’t want to go through their main page, you can simply find your way through the header menus which cover every category you need to find your best gaming choice.

Whether you know what you are looking for or haven’t a clue, Casino Shorts will get you there in no time, as it is a very user-friendly, no-fluff, resource website.

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In a world full of domains that claim to be an “authority” yet fail in providing enough coverage, Casino Shorts stands out by giving you the whole shebang.  In short, the website covers the following categories:

  • Casino Bonuses:
    • Top bonuses rating;
    • Bonus types;
    • Bonus rules;
    • Bonus FAQs;
    • A breakdown of games that contribute more to fulfilling your wagering requirements.
  • Software Providers:
    • Top providers;
    • Key features;
    • What to look for in a provider;
    • Short company history.
  • Mobile Casinos:
    • Long list of mobile casinos;
    • Separate category for every OS;
    • Pros and Cons of different app types;
    • Compatibility with UK networks;
    • Essential tips;
  • Casino Games:
    • A category for every type of casino game;
    • Thorough resources for each game category, including tips, strategies, best bets, etc;
    • An in-depth slot menu with a custom search bar for slot theme, type, manufacturer, etc
    • A list of top-rated casinos for each game category;
    • The best software providers
  • Payment methods:
    • Standard payment methods and advice
  • UK Casino Breakdown:
    • Best casinos;
    • Casino licenses and certificates
    • Casino accreditation;
    • Security and Player Fairness;
    • Casino software.
    • Casino guides.

When it comes to resources, Casino Shorts doesn’t lack any information that would have you doing Google searches to understand more. The website truly covers all you need to know before you step into the online gambling world.


In-Depth Knowledge

Trying to span over every important feature can often lead to being limited in terms of information. But despite its name, Casino Shorts doesn’t fall short on exploring every category to the full.

From the basics and top reviews for those who are impatient, to going into the tiniest detail about every category, the website is truly an authority when it comes to online gaming. This rigorous coverage is exactly what makes it a great resource site for every gamer, despite its focus on the native English markets.


Information Quality

And finally, probably the most essential mark of a great website is the quality of information it provides. Beyond all the extensive research and user-friendly design, what Casino Shorts does best is that it truly offers quality information.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced player or don’t know much about online gaming, Casino Shorts has your back. From its easy to follow style and data backed up by research, to its in-text linking and focus on key details, the site stands as a great example of quality content and usefulness.

The bottom line is that Casino Shorts is a thorough resource site that does a great job at providing all the information you need to get playing. The only flaw, albeit it’s minor, is that they don’t have a dedicated menu for live casino games.

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