The Dos And Don’ts Of Staying In Shape Through Winter



Once the winter is here, most of us will just want to get snug on our sofa and eat comforting and hearty food. No matter how good hibernating with your favorite foods may sound, it isn’t going to do any good for your fitness. It is important to try and stay fit and active throughout winter, no matter how cold it may get. This may not seem like the most exciting prospect right now, but there are certain ways you can get into winterfitness. To help you out, here are my dos and don’ts of staying in shape this winter.


Don’t Stick To Summer Sports


No matter how much you love your summer sports and activities, there is no point trying to continue them once the weather gets colder. It is time to switch over to winter sports. So put your tennis racquet away for the season and dig out your ice skates! There are plenty of winter sports and activities that are suitable whatever the weather. And many of these are great to enjoy together as a family. For instance, you can take the kids ice skating or on long hikes through wintry forests.



Do Workout Indoors


If you force yourself to work outside in the cold weather, you will end up hating it. Sure, there are many hardcore runners who wrap up for long winter jogs. But if you don’t enjoy it, then don’t push yourself to do it. Otherwise, you will end up absolutely hating, and could give up on working out altogether. So instead, try and move all your fitness sessions indoors. If you have to, you could always join your local gym. That way, you can continue to run. You will just have to clock up the miles on a treadmill rather than out on the streets!


Don’t Workout Alone


Working out alone is one of the quickest ways of losing motivation. It is always best to try and find a workout buddy who can keep you motivated no matter how cold it gets outside! Now that you have someone to workout with, you can make sure that you both make it to your fitness sessions. After all, neither of you would want to let the other one down! One of the best things you can do to keep each other motivated is to continually challenge each other. Think about mini challenges and competitions you can set. Competitiveness is a great fuel for your workout sessions! But you both need to be supportive of each other as well. Otherwise, things might turn sour!


Do Set Up A Home Gym


Not too keen on stepping out into the snow just to get to the gym? Then why not think about setting up your very own home gym? That way, you can work out in the comfort of your own home, without having to brave the bad weather! You don’t need to spend a fortune on lots of different machines and pieces of equipment for your home gym. You simply needa couple of key pieces. Try and find the best rowing machine on the market. This is a great workout for your arms and legs. If you love running, squeeze in a treadmill to your gym to help you burn calories and get your heart racing. Don’t forget how important strength training is! So remember to get some dumbbells or a medicine ball to work your abs.



Don’t Hit The Carbs


It can be ever so tempting to eat a load of carbs through winter. They are so comforting and are great additions to warming winter meals. However, all this comfort eating can end in your adding on the pounds without even noticing it! So it is important not to be tempted by too many carbs once the weather dips below freezing. However, you can still enjoy your favorite meals. You just need to find healthy alternatives. For instance, next time you make a shepherd’s pie, swap the mashed potato top for a topping of mashed cauliflower. If you buy a spiralizer, you can still enjoy spaghetti and noodles – just make them out of zucchinis and other delicious veggies!


Do Match Your Nutrition To Your Activities


Generally speaking, many of us will work out less during the winter. Overall, the amount of activity everyone does will drop. So it is very important that your eating habits now reflect the change in your exercise. You do not need to get obsessed with all the calories in everything you eat. Simply be sure to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Stay away from fast food and sweets, especially if you reduce your workout schedule.



Do Focus On Family Fun


One of the easiest ways to get fit this winter is to focus on family fun. Instead of concentrating on hitting the gym and working out, think about how you can get active with your family. As I said before, ice skating and winter hikes are a great way of getting active with the family. Once the snow hits, you can go out and play. Try and unleash the child that’s hiding inside of you! Grab your sledge and zoom down some hills with the kids. It’s a great way to both enjoy the weather and spend some time with the family. And you will be surprised at just how out of breath you get from all this fun in the snow!


Don’t Forget About Workout DVDs


Workout home videos may have been big in the 90s, but they are back in fashion now! Take a look online at all the new workout DVDs. There are loads of popular ones, and more will be released in the run-up to Christmas. Using fitness DVDs are a great way of working out at times that best suit your day-to-day routine. And you will find ones for various fitness levels, so there will definitely be one to suit you!


Were you thinking of taking a break from working out this winter? Think again!


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