The Front End – Growing Pains

The Front End - Growing Pains

The Front End create an honest, earnest form of indie-rock in the vein of The Anniversary and early Alkaline Trio with their new release, the Growing Pains EP. The fuzzy guitar work, splashy drums, and vocals that turn on a dime will ensure that fans are on the edges of their seats by the end of Mandingo. 

Uncle Tony begins with a twinkling instrumentation that showcases the emotional intensity of the band. The deliberate drumming and story told by the vocals combine with some sick guitar work, allowing The Front End to hurtle into the second half of the track with tremendous momentum. Unwritten Law and Green Day act as the blueprint upon which the band end Uncle Tony and spin off into a different sound by the disc’s third track, Toes In The Sand. Toes In The Sand is the EP’s longest track, opening up with an extended (:30) instrumental opening. The Front End gradually increase the tempo and complexity of the track, bringing screamo vocals and a controlled sort of chaos into the mix. Where there are a number of distinct styles that the act brings into Toes In The Sand, the talent of Gabe, Louis, and Kory makes the resulting track taut as a drum.

The Front End conclude the Growing Pains EP with Missed Connections, a vocal-forward track that has the drums and guitars combine into a supporting unit that soars on intricate arrangements. The Front End tell more of a story with their Growing Pains EP than many artists can paint with a full array of tracks. If you are a fan of smart arrangements, a catchy sound, and a unique take on rock music, go to The Front End’s Bandcamp to purchase the release.

Top Tracks: Uncle Tony, Toes In The Sand

Rating: 8.9/10

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