Orderville (Modern Times)

Orderville (Modern Times)

This IPA pours with a yellow to orange coloration and a fair amount of white head that is somewhat slow to dissipate. The nose of Orderville is very strong on the pine and floral aspects of the hop while including a bit of astringency from the alcohol of the beer. The drink-ability of Orderville is unparalleled; it is one of the first beers that is able to marry the West Coast style of India Pale Ale with the much more juicy style that is all the rage with New England craft breweries.

One is treated to a strong bite at the end of each sip that is opposed by orange and other citrus fruit elements that is threaded through the whole of the beer. Imbibers will be surprised at the depth of the flavors present in Orderville. The beer is broad enough to allow individuals that would not normally be a huge fan of hoppy efforts the opportunity to find something that they can appreciate with a high IBU.

The number of twists and turns that are present in Orderville are such that even those most jaded fans of microbrews will be able to dig the nuance that is present here. Orderville is one of those perfectly balanced sort of beers that I would search out. The beer continues to open up and change as the effort reaches room temperature, pushing the juicier elements to the fore as the hoppier elements tend to fade slightly.

Kudos has to go out to Modern Times for invigorating and even changing the expectations of what should pass across an individual’s lips when they experience an IPA. Orderville is a year-round offering from Modern Times and 22 ounce bottles will be available at local beer stores in Modern Times’ distribution footprint.

Rating 9.3 / 10

Orderville (Modern Times) / Year-round / India Pale Ale / 7.2% ABV / http://moderntimesbeer.com/ / https://www.facebook.com/ModernTimesIsYourFriend / https://twitter.com/ModernTimesBeer

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