Yung Thes – Singles

Yung Thes - Singles

Red Oak, Texas’ Yung Thes released On the Weekend earlier this month; the track shines due to electronic-infused backing beat and a slightly laid-back vocal approach. The repetition of the titular phrase hammers home the effort that much harder. When it falls is one of our favorite Yung Thes tracks; the production is very retro and feels pulled from an 1980s movie soundtrack. This beat highlights the flow perfectly, which comes more into focus as the track hits its half-way mark. We’re a particular fan of Yung Thes’ rapid-flow delivery here. The intricate journey that he takes listeners on during this effort will ensure fans play When it falls throughout the autumn and into fall.

High Places is another fun track. The assertive synthesizers that comprise the backdrop upon which Yung Thes can lay down his vocals is fantastic. The track succeeds by virtue of the back and forth the vocals and the beat have with one another. The chorus adds further melody to the composition, making for an effort that will rattle around listeners’ heads long after the track ceases to play.

Take me away will draw fans’ attentions through a complex array of tracks that all seem to be telling their own stores. When one adds Yung Thes’ vocals into the equation, what results is a shuffling, shambling track that will have listeners clamoring for more.

Words keeps with this eclectic and intense style, feeling influenced by 808s & Heartbreak-era Kanye West. The wide array of styles and approaches that Yung Thes includes on each track means that fans will have little idea where this rapper goes, but that the finished product will be brilliant. For samples of Yung Thes’ music, check out his ReverbNation; a Twitter is kept up to date with all of the latest information about this artist.

Top Tracks: When it falls, High Places

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