Michael Van and The Movers – A Little More Country

A Little More Country is the latest album from Michael Van and The Movers. Little More Country’s titular effort seamlessly blends together the easy-going rock of the seventies with a current and contemporary country style (exemplified by Florida-Georgia Line and Brad Paisley. The bubbling opening shifts into something pulling from the country and western tradition of the 1960s and 1970s, Gettin Drunk On A Monday. Coming forth with each effort built off of a variety of styles and genres, Michael Van and The Movers are able to keep A Little More Country fresh from the beginning to the album’s final notes.  Continue reading “Michael Van and The Movers – A Little More Country”

Violet Night – North

We last checked in with Violet Night for the release of their I Hope You’re Well, which showcased a wide variety of styles over the course of four tracks. The band has just released a new single, North, which does well to further expand the tool set available to the band while building off of some the influences and styles that made their previous EP so memorable. North is a complex effort that stands up to repeat plays due to an emotionally intense instrumentation and a set of vocals that rise to the challenge. The bit of shouted-out all-in chorus is reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, while there is a bit of electronic sound contributed by drum sequencing. Continue reading “Violet Night – North”

Chip Gibbons – Billion Dollar Pill CD Review

Chip Gibbons’ Billion Dollar Pill begins with the titular single, which will have listeners focused in to Gibbons’ vocals. While the instrumentation provides a deep and intricate sound to the opening point to the EP, there is much greater gravity to the discussion that is weaved by the vocals. Hints of Warren Zevon, Phil Ochs, and Neil Young can be heard alongside Gibbons’ charismatic voice. A solid production unites these two distinct elements, keeping fans firmly on their seats as they move into Inside a Hole. Inside a Hole has a calm and peaceful demeanor as Chip expresses a sense of loving, longing, and moving on in a fashion that anyone that has been in a similar situation will understand. The near-five minute run time of Inside A Hole is packed with additional twists and turns, as Chip builds off of the rich vocal tradition of John Denver and late seventies / early eighties Billy Joel. Continue reading “Chip Gibbons – Billion Dollar Pill CD Review”

Bobo’s Oat Bars

We have received quite a number of different protein and other health-related bars over the course of our five or six years for the health and fitness section at NeuFutur. A great many of them just thought to add chocolate or other sweet elements into the mix to go and mask some of the more natural flavors that present themselves. Bobo’s Oat Bbars looks to take a different tack, providing filling efforts that have a distinctive flavor profile. Continue reading “Bobo’s Oat Bars”

The Top 10 Car Songs

The Top 10 Car Movies

Since cars were invented, and especially since they have become a pivotal part of our everyday lives, we have been writing songs about them. So many things can happen in or because of cars, and it is natural that they are utilized as a setting in lyrics. Whether the song talks about working on a car, making out in a car, or hitting the road for a trip in your car, there is no doubt that cars make many appearances in our music, new and old. Continue reading “The Top 10 Car Songs”

What are the differences between Club Gambling and Sports Betting?

Both club gambling and sports betting are immensely popular online pastimes that can win you extra cash every once in a while. Even though they’re similar, and they attract similar players, we’ll cover some differences that can help you decide what to dedicate your time to if you have a dilemma. Continue reading “What are the differences between Club Gambling and Sports Betting?”

Mike Watt – “Ring Spiel” Tour ’95 (CD)

Mike Watt has always been a musician’s musician. The go-to-guy who’s always namechecked in discussions on old punk rock influences. Thanks to his groundbreaking work with the Minutemen, fIREHOSE and eventual his solo stuff, he managed to built up a strong cult following as well, but he never really got much attention in the mainstream until his first solo album, the stellar Ball Hog or Tugboat in 1995. Continue reading “Mike Watt – “Ring Spiel” Tour ’95 (CD)”

NOFX – First Ditch Effort (CD)

At this point, you pretty much know what you’re getting with a NOFX record. If not, happy belated birthday! I’m assuming you were just born. Continue reading “NOFX – First Ditch Effort (CD)”