Honey and Jude – Weirdos and Freaks

Honey and Jude - Weirdos and Freaks

Honey and Jude’s Weirdos and Freaks is a punky, poppy track that will immediately bury itself deep into the minds and hearts of anyone listening in. The two-part vocals variously build off of the tradition of Bif Naked, Paramore, Justin Guarini and Joe Jonas. A solid instrumentation keeps everything ratcheted up to 10. The production of Weirdos and Freaks allows a number of things (voices, drums, guitars) to interact without the resulting track sounding cluttered. Rather, what results here is a track that stands up to repeat listens. Listeners will continue to find new things hidden away by Honey and Jude even five or ten spins in.
Honey and Jude – Weirdos and Freaks / 2016 / http://www.honeyandjudemusic.com/ / https://twitter.com/honeyandjude / https://www.facebook.com/honeyandjude

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