Violet Night – North

Violet Night - North

We last checked in with Violet Night for the release of their I Hope You’re Well, which showcased a wide variety of styles over the course of four tracks. The band has just released a new single, North, which does well to further expand the tool set available to the band while building off of some the influences and styles that made their previous EP so memorable. North is a complex effort that stands up to repeat plays due to an emotionally intense instrumentation and a set of vocals that rise to the challenge. The bit of shouted-out all-in chorus is reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, while there is a bit of electronic sound contributed by drum sequencing.

Violet Night’s drums, bass, guitars, and vocals unite to make something that works equally well on pop-rock, alternative, and emotive radio rotation. The dropping out of the instrumentation at around the 2:30 mark both give further gravitas to Connor’s voice while ratcheting up the momentum nicely. The increased energy of the last minute of North will keep fans on the edges of their seats until the track grinds to a close.

The track feels like a Moebius strip; the distortion that concludes the effort works perfectly with the slower opening of the song. The passion of Violet Night as exhibited in North works with tremendous talent to make for a twinkling track that will shine through the conclusion of winter and into the first blooms of spring. While there are a number of distinct influences and nods to different genres here on North, the resulting track is something that is Violet Night’s own. Check out the track on Spotify or purchase it directly from the band. Links to VN’s domain and social media follow.

Rating: 9.0/10

Violet Night – North / 2016 Self Released / 3:36 / / /

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