Best Tunes to Drive To in 2017

Ok, so we don’t really know exactly what music will be out in 2017. As much as it would be nice to list the future Top 40 hits that’s you’ll want to rock out to in your car or to list the best New York songs about cars, this is just not that kind of blog. Instead, we’ll give you some helpful tips on how to structure your playlist this year. Continue reading “Best Tunes to Drive To in 2017”

Learning More About Debt Settlement

So, the advertisement reflects “now settle all your debts for half of what you presently owe, with the assurance that your credit score will not get affected”! Is it true to the core? Most probably not! Be very careful with these advertisements. You can end up falling into bigger troubles, with these debt settlement scams. Nearly 90% of these ads make false claims regarding debt settlement issues. You need to consider the consequences and focus on reliability of the information before approaching any debt settlement firm. Continue reading “Learning More About Debt Settlement”

R.K. Jackson “Too Far to Let Go” feat. Brandon Michael

Too Far to Let Go is a hopeful pop song that is infused with a healthy dollop of EDM. Jackson and Brandon Michael make a retro-sounding (e.g. Pet Shop Boys, Soul Asylum) track with current sensibilities. There is tremendous care taken to have the vocals contribute to the overall harmony of Too Far To Let Go, imbuing the song with an honest and approachable sound. With a number of tempo shifts, the track ensures that fans will be firmly on the edges of their seats until the concluding note. 

R.K. Jackson “Too Far to Let Go” feat. Brandon Michael / /

Dos Floris “Water”

Dos Floris’ “Water”  is a track that skillfully ties together new age and indie-rock styles into an interesting track. The vocals are used to great effect here, telling a story as well as adding considerably to the overall arrangements of the single. The piano and vocals work off one another, giving and taking as they permanently imprint themselves upon listeners. Continue reading “Dos Floris “Water””

April Martin “In the Blink of a Life”

April Martin begins her latest album In the Blink of a Life with One Breath, a song which builds off of the rich musical tradition of the 1960s and 1970s. Martin’s vocals are influenced by Joni Mitchell and Karen Carpenter during this first track, while the instrumentation is low-key enough to allow Martin to shine.  Continue reading “April Martin “In the Blink of a Life””

Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy – The Miller Girl

Little Shove is the introductory effort on Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy’s The Miller Girl. The folksy, singer-songwriter style of the track is tremendously inviting. There is a narrative weaved through this introductory track that will have fans firmly planted on the edges of their seats. A smart instrumentation is on-point to both bolster the vocals while crafting its own story. A style built off of bluegrass dominates in the latter half of the track, ratcheting up the momentum of the album.
Into the Ether shifts things up to adopt more of a laid-back, seventies rock (think John Denver) with a passionate and emotive instrumentation that draws upon the rich musical tradition of The Wallflowers and Soul Asylum. A bit of country peeks its way out as Hussey and Eddy move towards the chorus.  Continue reading “Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy – The Miller Girl”

Jesse Eplan – Dreams

Building upon the framework of artists like Jeremih and The Weeknd, Jesse Eplan is able to create a catchy single in Dreams. The dual duty of the vocals (creating a narrative, adding to the overall harmony of the single) indicates that Eplan can hang with R&B and pop royalty. A twinkling instrumentation that plays at the periphery of Dreams keeps things interesting from the opening note to the final lyric. The back and forth between instrumental and vocal sides of Dreams pushes each to an entirely higher plateau, tattooing its melodies deep into the psyche of listeners. Visit Eplan’s social media for additional information about the performer.

Jesse Eplan – Dreams / 2016 / /

Voices of Extreme – Give Me Your Love

Voices of Extreme create a powerful, orchestral sort of metal that is tremendously reverent to the heavy metal of the eighties and nineties while coming forth with a clarity and focused sound that works well in current circles. Continue reading “Voices of Extreme – Give Me Your Love”

Debt Consolidation: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consolidate Your Credit Card Loans

In the current consumer society characterized by poor economies and high costs of living, most people find themselves taking several short term unsecured loans. According to statistical reports, many of these unsecured loans are in the form of credit card debts. Continue reading “Debt Consolidation: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consolidate Your Credit Card Loans”

Hiring AV Accessories and Equipments from Professional Rental Providers is Beneficial

Arranging corporate events or educational presentations can be quite tedious. It is not only budgeting that you have to be concerned about. Execution of such an event is a key aspect as well. For every organization or company, it may not be possible to keep or afford high-end gadgets and audio video equipments required to hold such important events in a proper way. This is the reason professional audio video equipment rental services have become so popular. Continue reading “Hiring AV Accessories and Equipments from Professional Rental Providers is Beneficial”