Rules of card games: blackjack

Your first professional blackjack game

Typically, a blackjack game online looks more or less like this. The table appears at your screen and you notice five to seven place markers, which could look like little circles or other location symbols. Those are places where you can put your sacrificial offerings (read: bets). 

You hold your breath and place your first bet. The cards are shuffled with lightning speed and in a moment or two, the pack is set in front of you. If you are playing with a live dealer he or she would pick up the cards in order to place them in a special box known as a “shoe”. After this, either the live or virtual dealer gives one card face down to each player (there could be more players than just you if you decide to try the multiplayer mode). The dealer also receives one card face up, then a second card goes face down to each player, and, finally, the dealer gets a second card face down too.

Aces amount to either one or eleven. You get ten for any of the face cards. All others bring you their face amounts. What you aim for is called a “natural” or a ”blackjack.” You gather this cherished combination by putting together an ace and a 10 (any 10, either total or face card).


When you have a “natural” your cards are turned face up and you win. In this moment you smile to your live dealer. You can find live dealers game by choosing an online casino in the UK. You lose in case the dealer has a black jack and you do not. Your felicitous win amounts to 1,5 of your bet when a natural is yours and not the dealer’s. If black jacks happen to be on hand of both of you, you start cursing instead smiling since no cash changes hands.


The options of insurance and surrender

Many players get desperate when the dealer shows an ace on the very beginning. Do not worry, though, since most gambling houses offer a special form of a side bet called “insurance.” Basically, insurance allows you to get twice the side bet you place in case the dealer has a natural. If the dealer does not have a natural, you lose your insurance bet. The insurance bet still brings you two to one even if both you and the croupier have black jacks. The name “insurance” gets meaningful when the dealer manages to collect a natural while you fail to do so. In this situation, the insurance money won equals to the cash loss from the original hand. Hence, you are safe and “insured”.

Some casinos also proffer the “surrender” option. Early surrender is possible before the dealer makes a black jack check.  Should you wait for the dealer to check for a natural and then decide to surrender that will be called “late surrender”. Just hit the corresponding button and  the dealer will pick up your cards together with half of your bet. Keeping you only half of your money, this option is nevertheless viable when you are afraid the dealer might win. Enjoy your game!

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