Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy – The Miller Girl

Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy - The Miller Girl

Little Shove is the introductory effort on Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy’s The Miller Girl. The folksy, singer-songwriter style of the track is tremendously inviting. There is a narrative weaved through this introductory track that will have fans firmly planted on the edges of their seats. A smart instrumentation is on-point to both bolster the vocals while crafting its own story. A style built off of bluegrass dominates in the latter half of the track, ratcheting up the momentum of the album.
Into the Ether shifts things up to adopt more of a laid-back, seventies rock (think John Denver) with a passionate and emotive instrumentation that draws upon the rich musical tradition of The Wallflowers and Soul Asylum. A bit of country peeks its way out as Hussey and Eddy move towards the chorus. 

Long List of Goodbyes is a bouncy, fun track that showcases a rapid-fire delivery of names. The plucking and singing is delightful, keeping the energy high as Hussey and Eddy move into Master Your Mind. Master Your Mind is a slinky, deliberate sort of track that calls back to the expansive sound of late eighties and early nineties country music.

The titular track on The Miller Girl slows things down; the introductory guitar line intertwines with an honest and soft-spoken set of vocals. The track would do equally well in an earlier America; there is such a timeless sound crafted here that a wide swath of music fans will find something they can appreciate. I Pick You gives the instrumental and vocal sides equal footing, creating something beautiful at the closing strains of The Miller’s Toll. Hussey and Eddy make an extremely cogent and compelling album here.

Top Tracks: Long List of Goodbyes, Looking For Love

Rating: 8.5/10

Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy – The Miller Girl / 2016 Merf Records / 10 Tracks / /


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