Titan Slayer Interview

Today, we’re speaking with Titan Slayer. Hows life in Russia?

I’m afraid I can’t answer this question clearly, but I can say one thing – life in Russia is a tough thing.

I live in the geographic center of this country – in Siberia. Winter here lasts about six months, lots of snow, the average temperature is -10 ~ 20 C, but sometimes it could be below -35 C. Summer is hot, sometimes rainy, but it is always short. Continue reading “Titan Slayer Interview”

Top Five English Jockeys

A jockey is considered as a vital element, almost as a horse, when it comes to success at horse racing. It is not a surprise that the form of a jockey is one of the keenly watched elements by a punter before placing a bet on a horse. Over the years, there have been some stellar jockeys who have made average horses become world beaters.

The ultimate success of a jockey is to get his horse run for him at all costs. Here are some of the top five English jockeys who managed to achieve incredible success in horse racing: Continue reading “Top Five English Jockeys”

James Fearnley gives us a look into life, Cranky George, and the future.

Today, we are speaking with James Fearnley of Los Angeles’ Cranky George. Can you give us a little background information about yourself? How did you get into music?

I was about to say guten Tag, but then I’ve just found out that, while NeuFutur looks like you’re going to be a German magazine, I don’t think you are. Continue reading “James Fearnley gives us a look into life, Cranky George, and the future.”

An interview with Chip Gibbons

I’ve always liked music. When I was a child my mother bought accordion lessons for me and my brothers from a door-to-door salesman. Then my aunt gave us a old upright piano. Each of my parents could play one song on it. I started picking out songs by ear and then I started with classical lessons but I got tired of that after a few years. In college I bought a used Gibson guitar in a pawn shop and taught myself how to play it. I wrote my first song on that. After college where I majored in Biology/Pre-Med I moved from Virginia to San Francisco and started a career in computer programming. I didn’t do much music during this period, but started playing with a keyboard and synth module in the 90’s. I never performed. I just liked improvising and making sounds. Continue reading “An interview with Chip Gibbons”

My White Diamond – D I A M O N D S

D I A M O N D S an indie rock band based out of Los Angeles, they recently released their debut single “My White Diamond” and we cannot stop playing it. D I A M O N D S has a late 80’s electronic sound but the melodies and rhythms the band provide are fresh. Continue reading “My White Diamond – D I A M O N D S”

Guy Grogan – “Glitter in the Gears”

Anatomy of a Crush is the first track on Guy Grogan’s Glitter in the Gears, blending together hints of early Goo Goo Dolls, The Minutemen, and Polaris. The momentum which Grogan immediately imbues Glitter in the Gears with is a hallmark that will continue throughout the entirety of the album, a move that keeps listeners firmly planted on the edges of their seats. The acoustic opening of Stick the Landing is reminiscent of performers like Radiohead, while the ropy bass line that kicks in shortly after firmly places this effort into the alt-rock sound of the late nineties. Powerful and emotive vocals play at the top of the track, while the martial drumming and guitar strumming build off of the framework of mid-1960s performers. Continue reading “Guy Grogan – “Glitter in the Gears””

“Out For Blood” – Panic in Eden

Panic In Eden are an up and coming rock band from Los Angeles, they just released their new album “In The Company Of Vultures”, along with the single “Out For Blood”. Panic In Eden has hard hitting rock sound with deep bass lines and heavy guitar riffs, it reminds you of industry favorites such as Queens of The Stone Age with a grunge rock splash. Continue reading ““Out For Blood” – Panic in Eden”

Henry JBC (Black Bolts) Gives Us a Few

Today, we are speaking Chicago rock band Black Bolts. Can you give us a little background information about yourself? How did you get into music?

I’m Henry JBC, the singer for the Soul/Garage Rock outfit Black Bolts. I’m 26 years old and I’ve been playing music since I was a kid. I got into music through my mom, dad,brother(who’s the lead guitar player for Black Bolts) and my uncles. My uncles had a band together that did covers of classic rock tunes so I started out jamming with them whenever we’d visit. I’d also say a huge part of my musical upbringing comes from Dick Biondi who was a DJ on Oldies 104.3 when I was younger. He’d play all this great 60s pop rock and soul. Continue reading “Henry JBC (Black Bolts) Gives Us a Few”

Satellite Gods – Marker 7-58

On Falling To Earth, the initial track off of Satellite Gods’ new album Marker 7-58, the band is able to craft a hooky sort of alternative rock that elicits comparisons to performers including Fuel, New Radicals and Harvey Danger. Brendan’s lead vocals shine during Saturday Night in Riga, a track that has Satellite Gods shift their style for a richer, emotive, story-driven sound; bits of Dave Matthews and Billy Joel can be discerned here. 1 Through 8 is one of our favorite tracks on Marker 7-58; Satellite Gods are able to make an easy-going rock track that refreshes the sound of Tom Petty and Dire Straits. The dynamic between the vocals and the guitar/drums here makes for a track that will bounce around listeners’ heads long after the effort (and the single) stops playing. The sizzling guitar line that hits fans’ ears at the 3:15 mark is a sight to behold, giving the final minute of 1 Through 8 a considerable momentum boost. Continue reading “Satellite Gods – Marker 7-58”