10 top tips for getting your dream body!

  1. Plan.
    Clouded. That is what your judgment will become when you are having to compromise healthy foods for junk. When you are hungry it’s your body’s default to simply eat the food, which is easily accessible, but this is where people go wrong. By snacking on foods with high fat, sugar and calories you run the risk of putting back on the pounds that you have already worked so hard to lose. By being organized and planning your meals you avoid the ‘one off’ slip ups. There are already thousands of diet plans out there which are easily accessible online or in books etc. On the other hand, you can modify an existing plan or even create your own, easily. Just because you are cutting out certain foods and dieting it doesn’t mean meals have to become boring and tasteless, experiment! Try new things.

  2. Exercise.
    Although appearance is the main motive for losing weight, there are far more important reasons or excuses to. Being healthy and fit is very important. Building up strength physically is very rewarding mentally, also. By forcing yourself to do regular exercise you begin to subconsciously build your mental willpower. You may even enjoy it, yet again with working out; experimenting is always great because you can find what form of exercise that you enjoy. Enjoying your work out will inevitably give you better results, no slacking!

  3. Diet pills.
    Diet pills are a great way to shed the pounds! You just need to ensure that you are buying them from a legitimate website or a trusted store to avoid any unwanted side affects. Also, there are a lot of online scams related to diet pills so legitimacy is vital. Whilst fiber suppresses your appetite, foods containing fiber also contain a ridiculous amount of the things you are desperately trying to cut out or avoid. Diet pills have the same effect without the unnecessary fat and calories. Diet Pill Resource has a great collection of diet pill reviews so that you can find the right one for you.

  4. Stay hydrated.
    Water is crucial for maintaining hydration. You are far more likely to preserve “water weight” by not drinking enough water in a day, than by having too much of it. The water requirement of each person will always differ, but the overall recommended daily amount is 64 ounces. Water takes up some space in your stomach so you’ll feel much fuller leading you to eat less meaning that you are taking in fewer calories.

  5. Stop swarming your food with salt!!
    Salt is a main donor to weight gain and regularly a reason why the figures on the scale aren’t decreasing. Salt will also make you far more hungrier and thirstier, so always check the nutrition label for high sodium and try to choose fresh foods over packaged or restaurant foods.

  6. Don’t fall prey to diet branded products.
    Yes, it reads “diet” on the front label. No, it shouldn’t be a part of your diet plan and it will NOT help you to lose weight. The University of Texas Health Science Center study established that the more diet drinks a person drank, the larger their risk of becoming overweight. Also, simply just two or more cans a day boosted waists by 500%. The best drink-to-drink regularly whilst loosing weight is water, obviously.

  7. Start with soup.
    Those who eat a low-calorie vegetable soup prior to a main meal consume 20% less calories during that meal, according to study from Penn State University. It is advised to have a low-calorie broth-based soup before your main meal of the day to lower calorie consumption and lose weight without feeling hungry.

  8. Eat before you attend an event.
    Don’t turn up to a big meal, event, or party hungry. There is a study that found that you’d be 2 and ½ times more likely to start off overindulging starchy carbs, fried or sweet foods than those who didn’t fast before they ate. Have a small snack before you leave to attend an event so you don’t arrive starving.
  9. Eat breakfast, without fail!
    Eating in the morning starts up your metabolism. If you eat more fat, protein, and carbs in the morning, you remain fuller and eat less throughout the day than those who plan to eat their larger meals later on in the day. It is said that, many Americans start off on an empty stomach. In a survey, buyers reported that when they eat in the morning, the meal is a full breakfast only about one-third of the time. If you feel really hungry before 12pm, there’s a big chance you’re not eating enough earlier in the day, also aim to get a portion of protein in so you’ll feel fuller for longer.

  10. Sleep well.
    Focus on sleeping earlier and you will see weight reduction in a week. Recent research has proven even just a handful of nights of sleep deprivation can lead to virtually instant weight gain. Scientists requested participants slept around 10 hours a night for two consecutive days, followed by five nights of sleep limitation and then on to four nights of recovery (rest). After the course of 11 days, the sleep-deprived group put on approximately 3 pounds, compared with a well-rested group.

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