Deborah Henriksson – Breakers’ Roar

Deborah Henriksson - Breakers' Roar

Over the course of the last three years, we have been fortunate enough to delve into Deborah Henriksson’s music. On Breakers’ Roar, Deborah is able to create an engrossing song because of sweeping instrumentation and cogent narration. Hints of Great Big Sea and This Is Your Time-era Michael W. Smith can be heard here, but Henriksson’s vocals imbue the composition with a sound that is unique. While the track itself is catchy, there is an instrumentation that stands up to repeat listens. The dynamic that is created here ensures that fans will have to play the track multiple times before hearing the entirety of what has been included.

Deborah’s vocals do more than tell a story, giving Breakers’ Roar an additional level of depth that keeps the replay value of the song high no matter how many times it has been played. While the single concludes a hair after the four-minute mark, the epic sound of the composition will resound with listeners long after the track has ceased to play. The production allows each of the distinct layers of Breakers’ Roar to shine together, but there is enough space given to each instrument and lyric to allow listeners to purely focus what they contribute to the overall spirit of the track.

On each recording, Deborah Henriksson is able to add further variety and breadth to her overall persona. While the tracks themselves may feel pretty distinct in terms of the overall sound, Deborah’s dedication to creating the best possible music ties them together. With the opening single to Breakers’ Roar released, fans’ fires will be stoked. We’ll be eagerly anticipating the rest of the release. Check out our previous coverage of Deborah’s music, including Harry’s Game and her previous album, Traces.

Rating: 8.8/10


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