Switchback Ale (Switchback Brewing)

Switchback Ale (Switchback Brewing)

The titular effort from Burlington Vermont’s Switchback pours with a hazy dark yellow/orange coloration. There is a fair amount of offwhite head that sticks around for a while. A little bit of malt on the initial nose of the beer. Toasted malts, grains, and a smaller amount of bitterness come up next. As one continues along with Switchback, the beer shifts to allow for more in the way of sweeter elements to enter. There is a more thirst-quenching side to Switchback, making it an eminently drinkable beer when paired alongside pizza, burgers, or even more assertive (German, Italian) cuisine.

There is a bit of a spicy ending to Switchback that refreshes an imbiber’s palette. Where there can be some fatigue if an imbiber continues to drink a beer (such as a 22 ounce bomber), there are enough nooks, crannies, and distinct flavor profiles that make themselves known before one completes Switchback. The brewery’s decision to break from beer style conventions as well as keeping offerings like Switchback Ale nationally conditioned makes for a wholly unique beer. No two sips are the same, meaning that one will continue to be impressed from the opening pull to the final sip of this brew.

For additional information about the entire year-round and single releases that Switchback releases, visit their main domain. Switchback’s social media profiles are great resources for finding out the latest events that the brewery is holding as well as looking behind the curtain a bit.

Rating: 8.0/10

Switchback Ale / Switchback Brewing Company / 5.0% ABV / 28 IBU / http://switchbackvt.com/ / https://twitter.com/switchbackbeer

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