The Legal Matters – Conrad

The Legal Matters – Conrad (Omnivore Recordings)

Midwest-based group The Legal Matters is the power pop supergroup made up of members from bands you’ve likely never heard of (Hippodrome, anyone? The Phenomenal Cats? An American Underdog?). Regardless their collaboration in The Legal Matters is bound to bring the attention these guys clearly deserve.

Drawing from bands like Big Star, The Posies and Jellyfish, their second effort, Conrad, is a reminder of just how few great power pop bands are left today. This record fills that void nicely.

Crammed with jangly guitars and sweet harmonies, there is hardly a false step on the record, from the slow burn of the album opener, “Anytime,” to the bittersweet closer, “Better Days.” And in between the album brims over with earnest lyrics and hard-to-forget melodies. A promising start to the power pop revival.

The Legal Matters – Conrad / 11 tracks/Omnivore Recordings / 2016 / http://www.thelegalmattersband.com

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