Paul K – Omertà CD Review

Paul K – Omertà CD Review

Long Way From Home is a contemplative indie-inspired track that does more with instrumental arrangements than a great many vocal acts could hope to do. Ashes in the Snow is a track that deftly blends together traditional and classical music styles alongside electronic and ambient sounds to create a narrative that will have listeners hanging on every note. Of particular note during Ashes in the Snow has to be the bass line weaved in and the bits of heartbeat-esque arrangements that come through at points.

I feel that Stealing Souls is a unique effort on Omertà as it showcases a slightly lighter, airier sound that stands in stark opposition to the much more heady and emotionally intense tracks on the disc. The bass / synth dynamic is as catchy as ever, but Paul K is able to create something that works equally well no matter whether one is a fan of new wave or electronic music.  The Grief Trail is very musically dense, requiring that fans spin the track multiple times to hear every twist and turn that has been contained within. The track itself feels pretty straightforward, but one has to listen to the loud/quiet dynamic that is presented here.

From A Different Perspective is another impressive effort on Omertà; the nods made to atmospheric and new age (e.g. Real Music) music draw listeners in and provide Paul K with another tool to utilize as Omertà continues to play. While there are a number of distinct sounds and styles that are all broached during the album’s run time, I feel that the spontaneity and intense array of influences brought to the record by Paul K ensures that there will be additional music forthcoming.

Omertà is a surprisingly strong album given its length; Paul K is able to keep listeners an interested and as involved in the final notes of Lay Preacher and the reprise of the titular track as they were when the title open. Omertà is available from iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Top Tracks: Ashes in the Snow, From A Different Perspective

Rating: 8.6/10

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