Top 10 Clearest Water in The World

Many times you will have read a description about an idyllic vacation destination as having a ‘crystal clear waters’ or a ‘sea is so clear that you could see to the bottom’. Despite these descriptions, the waters are very rarely as clear as they make out. We however, have put together a list of the actual clearest waters that you can find anywhere in the World.

The Maldives

The stunning Maldives is one of the World’s most desirable tourist locations, isolated islands with glorious white sandy beaches, accommodation that sits on stilts in the middle of the ocean and of course, some  of the clearest waters known to man. Divers here can enjoy near-perfect clarity when underwater.

Five Flower Lake, China

In the Jiuzhaigou Valley in China’s northern Sichuan Province is the Five Flower Lake, the lake has gained fame thanks to its ancient trees that sit below the surface of the water.  These trees are perfectly visible thanks to its transparent natural waters.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Around seven and half thousand years ago the volcano of Mount Mazama left a huge crater in the land which was filled up with fresh water that was filtered by the rocks and sediment of the remaining mountain. The result is this breathtaking lake where you can see right the way to its deep base.

La Romana, Dominican Republic

In the south coast of the Dominican Republic is La Romana, this Dominican Republic resort offers not only some of the clearest waters in the World but also some of the calmest and walking in to the sea is much like you are walking into one of the World’s biggest swimming pools.


The Mediterranean’s second largest island is Sardinia, home to a wide range of rare wildlife such as the Monk Seal and the Albino Donkey. Sardinia is also the spot where tourists can see the clearest area of the Mediterranean from the shore to some miles out to sea.

Lake Mashu, Japan

Regularly voted as the clearest lake in the World, Lake Mashu whose original name was Lake Mashin or ‘lake of the devil’ is quite a sight. The incredibly clear waters of this lake have been measured to have complete transparency up to a staggering 41.6 meters.

Peyto Lake, Canada

Thanks to a glacial rockfall, Peyto Lake in northern Canada not only boasts some of the clearest waters on the planet, but from afar the waters have a neon-turquoise color which gives it an icy blue glow making it appear as though it is nothing more than a TV screen image, an incredible lake.

Piccaninnie Ponds, Australia

Divers to the Piccaninnie Ponds must get a permit in order to dive in these crystal clear ponds in Australia as the tourism board look to conserve a hidden gem. This nature reserve in southern Australia sits below a crevice in the earth and boasts eerie clarity that shows of the Atlantis-like world beneath the surface.

Weddell Sea

Once described by a historian as “the most wretched and dismal region on earth”, Weddell Sea is considered by many to have the clearest waters in the World. Lying in the Antarctic, the sea is almost entirely made up from melted ice and glaciers which give the ocean such clarity that hundreds of meters are visible below.

Cook Islands

With most of the accommodation built on stilts in these south Pacific islands, the stilts actually give a measure of just how clear the ocean is here and offer visibility right down to the Earth’s surface.

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