Black Bolts – Antique Rhythms EP Review

Black Bolts - Antique Rhythms EP Review

Black Bolts’ Antique Rhythms latest release, the Call it a Day EP, begins with Call it a Day. This rock track is an interesting one is that Black Bolts immediately come forth and showcase a wide variety of influences in the first few minutes of the release. This means that there are hints of 1960s pop, the gritty sound of the 1970s movement in Detroit, and a bit of the funk and blues. The production of this track (and the entirety of this EP) is such that each element is able to shine alone and as a greater part.

Right Man keeps the same momentum as Call it a Day, coming forth a much more sultry and soulful flow. The dynamic present between the instrumentation and the inimitable vocals will have the song’s melody tattooed deeply into the minds and hearts of listeners. Wherewolf’s initial drum beat and guitar/piano role seems to be chaotic on the surface, but the individual members of the band are able to create beauty out of all of these potentially-dissonant elements. Particular accolades have to be draped on the splashy drums and in-your-face horns; this is an effort that should cross over to a number of different radio stations.

I’ll Be Better is another must-listen, as Black Bolts are able to refresh the easy-listening/AOR style of the 1970s into something that is hooky, fun, and musically impressive.

The Antique Rhythms and Fossil Rock EPs are available on CDBaby, while listeners can check Black Bolts out on Spotify. For those wanting a snippet of our thoughts about the Fossil Rock EP; Reputation is the final cut from the EP, linking together Bat Out of Hell-era Meatloaf, Jane’s Addiction, and The Strokes into something that ends the band’s second EP in as strong of a fashion as it began with Wandering Eye.

Top Tracks: I’ll Be Better, Call It a Day

Rating: 8.2/10

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