Ivan Beecroft – Believe

Ivan Beecroft’s Believe is an effort that immediately draws listeners’ attentions. The beginning instrumentation is lively and bouncy, eventually ceding ground to Ivan’s imitable vocal style. A rousing piano line and punctual drums establish the backdrop upon which the lyrics can hang. The track itself draws from 1990s alternative, 1980s alternative, and even hints of new wave and Britpop to make for something familiar. It is Beecroft’s tremendous command of this single that unites these disparate elements. While there are specific themes that are presented throughout Believe, there is considerable variation to be had during the track. The dynamic that is created between each instrument and Ivan’s own vocals further increase the replay value of the composition.

I feel that the complex time signatures that are utilized during Believe distinguish the composition from the rest of the singles actively striving to receive radio and streaming play. I contend that a great deal of the successes achieved by Beecroft on Believe come from the tremendous production of the release. This allows for a radio-friendly sound to emanate even as complex and deep instrumentation are found by audiophiles and lovers of music alike.

If Believe is a premonition for what listeners should expect from the rest of Ivan Beecroft’s upcoming album, anyone fortunate enough to listen in will be in for a treat. For additional music samples and information about Beecroft’s biography and discography, give his main domain a spin. Believe is something that works equally well no matter whether one is listening in 1986, 1998, or today. Unique, carefully created, and with a hooky as all get out instrumentation, this is one of our favorite singles so far this March.

Rating: 8.4/10

Ivan Beecroft – Believe / 2017 Self / 1 Track / https://ivanbeecroft.wordpress.com/ / https://instagram.com/_u/ivanbeecroft?r=sun1

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