Justina Valentine feat. M80 – “Crushin on You”

Justina Valentine feat. M80 - "Crushin on You"

In her new song “Crushin on You”, Justina Valentine shines bright. Accompanied by artist M80, her new song “Crushin on You” is an instant hit for the R&B crowd! This new single amazing, M80 is reminiscent of artist like Fetty Wap or Chris Brown with his smooth voice.

The hip-hop style production and sound make a familiar sound for listeners. “Crushin on You” is upbeat and catchy, Justina’s vocals match well with the song and her lyrics are classic. I think fans of artist like Iggy Azalea and Rihanna would also appreciate this recording.

Justina Valentine feat. M80 – “Crushin on You” / http://www.facebook.com/JustinaMusik / http://www.twitter.com/JustinaMusic

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