Natalise + The Sunset Run – Glimpses of the Sun EP

Natalise + The Sunset Run - Glimpses of the Sun EP

Natalise + The Sunset Run start their Glimpses of the Sun EP with Abandon, a genre-defying track that touches upon rock, pop-country, and alternative before concluding. Natalise’s vocals soar brightly over this introductory track, acting as a glue that unites the guitars, drums, and bass. With an unfettered success out of the gate, Natalise + The Sunset Run move into their Love Unconditional. Love Unconditional slows things down for a brief moment. Fans will be on the edges of their seats as the tempo gradually increases into the chorus. This vocal-forward track showcases the sheer range and depth of Natalise. 

See Me is a carefully-created track that twinkles in its brilliance. The production allows Natalise’s vocals and the instrumentation to be enjoyed on their own as well as a cohesive track. The piano work that is interlaced through this track is given additional highlighting through the presence of strings. This may just be the most intimate and intense effort we have heard this year; it’s a track that one will be singing along with after its initial play.

The Lucky Ones is the concluding effort on Natalise + The Sunset Run’s Glimpses of the Sun EP. The combination of vocals and instruments here push each to a higher plateau; the narrative that is presented to those listening in by Natalise’s vocals is something that anyone that has had a special force in their life. This EP is strong from beginning to end, with any of these songs having enough in the way of a hook to make it onto radio rotation. This first look into Natalise + The Sunset Run is one that will have listeners clamoring for more. Check the disc out today.

Top Tracks: Love Unconditional, The Lucky Ones

Rating: 8.8/10

Natalise + The Sunset Run – Glimpses of the Sun EP / 2017 Self Released / 5 Tracks / /


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