Emotional Support Animal Letters- What you need to know

Everyone deserves to enjoy a life without being psychologically or emotionally stressed. Emotional assistance animals are companions that provide a safe, natural and simple remedy for various mental health challenges, including anxiety and depression.

Overcoming Travel and Housing Challenges

Travel and housing restrictions usually make it hard for people to live a quality life. A prescription from a therapist for an animal companion or emotional support animal means that you will never face the difficulties of finding a suitable to place live or travel to again.

A therapist can assess your situation and this evaluation is applicable for a variety of animals. Getting an official letter and prescription from your certified therapist will ensure that the worries and stress that are associated with housing and travel are no longer a concern. When you qualify, you will be able to receive the ESA letter that you require.

Health Benefits of Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support animals are animals that offer therapeutic benefits to their owners. These animals are protected under the law and are not limited to pets like dogs. An ESA can be any animal and does not require training for specific tasks. However, all emotional support animals require a letter from a mental health professional. ESAs can live in housing that has a no-pet policy and be accommodated in the main cabins of airplanes during flights.

ESA Letter

In order for you to be able to have an emotional support animal or ESA, you need a prescription letter from a licensed medical professional who deals with mental health. It states that an animal eases the symptoms of mental or emotional disabilities. Airlines usually require the renewal of these letters on an annual basis. Letters for ESA housing do not require renewal.


  • If you are considering whether or not you qualify for an official emotional support animal letter, you need to aware of the requirements. A significant percentage of the population in the region finds it difficult to cope with daily activities. This is usually because certain experiences and situations in their lives have caused mental or emotional instability that adversely affects their daily lives.
  • Emotional challenges include depression, anxiety, personality disorders and panic attacks. Symptoms that are associated with emotional or mental disabilities include ongoing feelings of anxiety or depression, finding it hard to maintain personal relationships, paranoia and the inability to socially interact.
  • People who have such conditions may qualify for emotional support animals. It has been proven over time that emotional support from animals help to alleviate symptoms that result from emotional or mental disability.


You need to schedule an evaluation with a licensed therapist before you can obtain an ESA letter. This assessment will be cover aspects of your mental health and general wellness. If you qualify after the assessment is completed, you receive a prescription letter that allows you to rent accommodation, live in hostels or dorms and fly with your emotional assistance animal.

ESA letters cover housing, travel and combinations of these aspects. Your ability to obtain a prescription letter will depend on whether you have a disability that meets the definition of federal law. This is determined by a licensed medical professional.


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