Inward of Eden – Mind Control EP

Inward of Eden - Mind Control EP

Slow Burn is the first effort on Inward of Eden’s latest album, Mind Control. The band is able to strike immediately with taut instrumentation in a similar vein of The White Stripes and Wolfmother, with a good hint of the sludgy heavy metal of Deliverance-era Corrosion of Conformity that shines through. The titular effort on Mind Control is a high-energy effort that inserts hints of punk (Ixnay on the Hombre-era The Offspring) into the mix. The instrumentation that is present on Inward of Eden’s latest will stand up to repeat plays, as fans will continue to find new twists and turns with every subsequent listens. During this track, we were particularly fond of the sizzling guitars and the splashy drums.

Devil’s hook comes in a guitar line that has the same emotive allure of Carlos Santana, with a bit of 1960-infused synths. This makes Devil into an effort that works well in the modern rock tradition but will appease those into the psychedelic rock genre. With each member of Inward of Eden giving it their all on each of the extended play’s four tracks, the resulting effort continues to rock from the first note of Slow Burn into the final gasp of Ghost of Amalie.

Ghost of Amelie is the final track on Mind Control. The track showcases a different side to Inward of Eden. The instrumentation here melds together Metallica’s Reload with My Darkest Days and Breaking Benjamin. A hint of dusty, dirty country rock can be heard as the periphery, giving the cut considerably greater depth for fans to plumb. The production on the Mind Control EP ensures that each of the release’s tracks could easily make it onto rock radio rotation.

Top Tracks: Slow Burn, Ghost of Amelie

Rating: 8.9/10

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