5 Areas that need extra skincare attention: Review by Premier Dead Sea

Our facial skin is the first thing anyone sees. Most of us have a daily skincare routine to care for our skin. While this is generally sufficient, sometimes it is also prudent to concentrate on areas that deserve special attention. Use of daily soaps and products on our facial skin is harmful unless they are of superior quality. Only use a trusted brand like Premier Dead Sea (have a look at ISA customers reviews of Premier Dead Sea on TrustPilot) that uses minerals and vitamins from the famous Dead Sea. With a trusted, derma-safe range, their skincare products are available for all skin types at varied prices. You can see user testimonials and reviews on the Premier Dead Sea site. Continue reading “5 Areas that need extra skincare attention: Review by Premier Dead Sea”

Striving Artists Theatre Company

Over the course of the last decade, the Striving Artists company has carved out a name for themselves. Coming into creation in 2006, Striving Artists held a number of holiday shows before deciding to place their performances onto a home audio format. This led to the creation of the Christmas with the SAC Pack album in 2012 and Spare Ornaments in 2013. 2017 brought the release of the Jesus Christ Superstar performance. On this record, Striving Artists imbue the classic Andrew Lloyd Webber / Tim Rice rock opera with their own unique qualities. In fact, I feel that on tracks like the initial Overture, John Nineteen Forty-One and Gethsemane are stronger than early cast recordings. The group places their own spin on plays as well; in performing selections from a tetrad of Shakespeare plays, they create a high-energy hodgepodge of each work’s seminal elements. Continue reading “Striving Artists Theatre Company”

Striving Artists | Jesus Christ Superstar

In March of 2017, Massachusetts-based Striving Artists released their own take on the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Beginning with an immediate jolt, the Overture will have listeners eagerly sitting at the edges of their seats. The guitar work and brooding drum work creates a haunting tone that gradually opens up into the frenetic, high-energy sound that will permeate the rest of the recordings. Continue reading “Striving Artists | Jesus Christ Superstar”

Wake-N-Bake (Terrapin Brewing)

2016 marked the first time Georgia’s own Terrapin Brewing placed their imperial oatmeal stout Wake-N-Bake into cans, and was one of the first times that we in Ohio were easily able to get their products.  The Wake-N-Bake is a delectable beer with a strong coffee flavor, due to the contributions from Jittery Joe’s Coffee. Continue reading “Wake-N-Bake (Terrapin Brewing)”

Avantist – Tidalwave

Avantist has released a new amazing single called “Tidalwave”, the song is a bassy pop song with a touch of electro.  Avantist’ vocals remind one of a young Anthony Kiedis or Julian Casablancas of The Strokes. This song is a lot of fun, the production is tight and the instrumentation really increases the vocalist abilities. I think that fans of The White Stripes or Franz Ferdinand would enjoy the sounds of  Avantist due to the deep friff and hard hitting voals. Also, you should really check out the video for “Tidalwave”, it’s incredibly funny!

Tidalwave by Avantist / www.theAvantist.com / 2017

Will Jay – Leading Man

Will Jay’s new single “leading Man’ is great new pop song for the summer. It’s an up beat and fun single, the lyrics are playful but ask the question “why can’t he get a change”. The beat is produced masterfully, it easy going pop song that enhances Will’s lyrics. The arrangement make sure that each part of the song is equally presented.  I think that fans of Ed Shreean or Micheal Buble would enjoy Will Jay’s music. The video is alls really cute, it has a real fun sunny vibe, be sure to check it out!

Will Jay – Leading Man / http://www.willjaymusic.com/ / 2017

The SLVR Tongues – S-Class

The SLVR Tongues  new single “S-Class” has been one of the best songs I’ve came across this year. The vocalists are accompanied but a unique mixture of Country and Electric music, honestly they are almost like a Country version of the Chainsmokers. The song is produced well, the music is funk and fun and the arrangement is fantastic, nothing over powers each other.  It’s really refreshing to hear that Country music is expanding it’s wings and branching out. I would bet that the SLVR tongues really have the talent to branch out into popular music.

The SLVR Tongues / S-Class / 2017 / http://www.theslvrtongues.com/

The Greatest Car Songs Ever Written

Rock ‘n’ roll and hot rods have always gone hand in hand. One of the greatest feelings of any auto enthusiast is jumping into their favorite automobile and cruising down the highway while cranking their favorite song during vacation or before taking a defensive driving course. Below is a list of the greatest car songs ever written. Which one is your favorite? Continue reading “The Greatest Car Songs Ever Written”

Help Me, I Can’t Concentrate on My Writing!

If your main problem is described in the title of this article fully and in detail, you have got to the right page to learn some tricks and tips helping you to overcome procrastination. Besides, maybe your attention span is okay, but you don’t know how to work not to get distracted from the task at every given moment. A person should know his or her ability and learn how to focus on writing better. If you still don’t have some inspiration or concentration, you may always entrust an assignment to https://dissertationlabs.com/ where your work will be written for you quickly, professionally, and brilliantly. Nevertheless, those who still build hopes to find a proper state of mind to begin to compose a paper and tackle it till the end without spending time on some unnecessary time eaters must prepare themselves to learn some basics of focusing here. Continue reading “Help Me, I Can’t Concentrate on My Writing!”

An Interview with DOHKE, Atsuo

Today, we are speaking to Japanese performer. DOHKE, Atsuo.

Can you give us a little background information about yourself? How did you get into music?

Answer:  Actually I did not plan to have a music career until I was 18-year-old.  However, I had had an intention from high school days to play a certain instrument on my entrance into college.  So, I had started to play the mandolin from the first year of Tokyo University.  It is why a mandolin is a handy instrument that I selected it. Continue reading “An Interview with DOHKE, Atsuo”