Every Other Sunday – Ghost

Every Other Sunday - Ghost

Every Other Sunday has just released their debut single “Ghost”. With a focal guitar line that builds off of 1970s rock, what Every Other Sunday does with their debut single Ghost is make for a unique bit of rock. The raw power of the vocals and the situation that is discussed – a lost love – is something that can be appreciated by anyone that has been in that situation. When the rest of the band kicks in – the drums get more complex, the guitars are sizzling, and the momentum picks up – Ghost will command the attention of anyone listening in. The stop-start style of this single showcases Every Other Sunday’s skill, while giving listeners a push to focus in that much further. The production of Ghost is great, in that it has just a bit of grit to it while allowing each element of the band to add to the overall spirit of the track.

What I like most about Every Other Sunday is that they give each member a chance to shine. Many bands give the spotlight to the vocals and guitars, but there is a momentum during Ghost where the guitars, drums, bass, and vocals are put on a pedestal. This ensures that they track is able to stay interesting and alluring from the initial note until the song’s last gasp. Every Other Sunday is able to distill all of the rock that has came down the pipeline the last forty years into a style that is charismatic, musically intelligent, and absolutely unique. For every subtle nod to an act like The Who or Weezer, there is a richness of sounds that come purely from Every Other Sunday. Check out the Every Other Sunday Soundcloud for a greater look into this fun and talented new Pennsylvania-based band.

Every Other Sunday – Ghost / https://soundcloud.com/we-are-everyothersunday

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