Guide for Beautiful Home Decor and Keeping the Home Clean

Homeowners are always looking for ways to spruce up their home decor and refresh the appearance of their spaces. There are different simple and affordable ways to brighten up your home. With proper lighting, additions of color, accessories and organization you will be able to make a significant difference in the way your entire home looks.


Lighting plays a key role in any home decor project. Adding light will help to brighten your rooms and create the illusion of extra space. Overhead lighting works well in any part of the home. Floor lamps are ideal for lighting up dark areas of the room and can make areas feel more comfortable and inviting. Make sure that all your light fixtures are clear enough to intensify the quality and amount of light.

Mirrors are crucial accessories for modern home decor and they are also useful for enhancing brightness and making rooms appear bigger. Place mirrors strategically around different rooms to increase light. Hanging mirrors across from windows will boost natural lighting.


  • A good way to keep your home bright is by painting accent walls. Paint can be used to revive sections of walls that have worn out over time. It can also provide an instant transformation and give the space a different look.
  • Swap dull color schemes for modern concepts such as combining righter hues and neutral colors for an attention-grabbing contrast.
  • Along with painting your walls, consider using other colors for the furniture that you have. Fresh and new coats of paint are a cost-effective way to change the appearance of your pieces.


Add more color by accessorizing with plants, interesting artwork and colorful rugs or carpets. Bright pillows and fabrics are worthwhile additions to furniture items such as sofas especially if they feature a neutral color scheme. Click here for the best appliances when you are considering a quick clean.

Home Cleaning

Keeping your home clean on a regular basis ensures that you have a place that you can look forward to at the end of each day. Regular cleaning eases the stress and effort that is associated with major cleaning sessions that can take up the whole day after allowing dirt and grime to pile up. Identify methods that will help you keep your home in the best condition possible all year long. Your cleaning techniques and schedules should suit your lifestyle.



Planning Tips

  • Every successful project begins with a clear plan. Make a decision regarding how to clean your home and the amount of time that you are willing to spend on this task. This will make it easier for you to create an effective cleaning schedule.
  • Determine how much you will be able to do; the time available and how frequently you will be cleaning different areas of the home.
  • It is advisable to begin with top surfaces before you work your way down. This helps you avoid situations such as vacuuming and particles from countertops ending up on cleaned areas of the floor.
  • If you have a busy schedule, doing smaller cleaning tasks each day is recommended. This prevents work from piling up and you can set aside some time for extensive cleaning on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.


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