Red Velvet – Nitro (Ballast Point)

Red Velvet - Nitro (Ballast Point)

Ballast Point has changed up what imbibers should expect from the stout format. With their Red Velvet – Nitro, the beer pours with a red coloration, only a small amount of off-white head. There is a good amount of sweetness that is paralleled well with a hint of bitterness. The “golden stout” style tends to go more into the sweet side of things, but Ballast Point has done well to remove this tendency with the bit of hop bitters. The sweet / bitter dichotomy that is present with Red Velvet means that the beer remains fresh, no matter where one may be at with their session. For those looking for the inky blackness of the deepest, darkest stouts,l they will not be able to find it in Red Velvet. The more nuanced flavor of the golden version of a stout means that even those that are fans of pilseners and lagers will find something that they can appreciate with this Ballast Point offering. 

It is surprising how deep the beer can be while not having a huge amount of alcoholic presence here; the 5.5% ABV means that one can drain a number of cans before calling an end to the night. We were also surprised at how consistent the flavors that one immediately experiences from Red Velvet were; one can sit a bottle down, let it air out over 15 or 20 minutes, and be greeted with the same flavors that they were initially presented with when they first opened the bottle.

For additional information about the full line up that Ballast Point produces both as a year-round and as a seasonal offering, check out their main domain. Further information can be located (news, new products) at their social media profiles, including Facebook and Twitter.

Rating: 8.7/10

Red Velvet – Nitro / Golden Stout / 5.5% ABV / / /


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