The SHRIMPS – Abstracts and Keywords

Aim With the Arrow begins the new The SHRIMPS album Abstracts and Keywords. The track is a fantastic challenging of genre conventions. There are hints of Jane’s Addiction, O.A.R., and the Dave Matthews Band here. Make It Better is another great track in that it has the instrumentation front and center. While the vocals are a focal point of this song, everything combines to make for a fully engrossing effort – imagine hints of the Dead and The Black Crowes here. The SHRIMPS shift their sound with On The Boat; this slower and more introspective track has the vocals and the guitars united to make something that has Cat Stevens and Soul Asylum as a touchstone. The chorus is catchy enough that this could easily crossover to pop stations.

House of Security is a stripped-down effort, with much of the track presenting a guitar and vocal duet. There are other contribution here (an organ), but this is as an accompaniment. The resulting track stands up to repeat listens as there are so many things that will stand up to additional scrutiny – Abstracts and Keywords is one of those albums that require listeners to strap on a set of headphones and really focus in to what’s occurring during each track. Wings of an Angel is our favorite track on this album;  the guitar, and the complex instrumentation that comprises both pieces work perfectly to lift up the multiple vocals present here. Ocean Girl is a fun, bouncy track that keeps the good vibes going. Effortlessly moving between folk, country, and traditional American styles of music, The SHRIMPS are able to make an engrossing and intelligent album that we’ll be playing throughout the rest of the summer.

Top Tracks: House of Security, On The Boat, Wings of an Angel

Rating: 9.0/10

The SHRIMPS – Abstracts and Keywords / 2017 Self Released / 11 Tracks / /

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