Adaline “Nostalgia”

Adaline’s “Nostalgia” immediately strikes me as unique; hints of 1980s po, industrial, trip-hop and dubstep can all be heard here. Nostalgia has a deep and dense instrumentation that provides the perfect counterpoint for Adaline’s vocals. With a dark brooding musical sound acting as the background for a hopeful set of vocals, Nostalgia pops. There is a bit of unity between these two elements in that Adaline’s vocals contribute to the overall harmony, making for a much stronger sort of effort. We’re excited about Adaline and Nostalgia; here’s to hoping we’ll be blessed with another single before 2017 is up.

Adaline “Nostalgia” /

Palehound “If You Met Her”

Palehound’s If You Met Her is a powerful piece of alt rock that builds off the framework of bands like Rilo Kiley and The Breeders. Emotive vocals, fuzzy guitars, and a chunky drum sound make If You Met Her into a tremendously hooky sound. Lyric repetition ensures that the song’s melody will be tattooed deeply into the minds and hearts of listeners. Palehound’s guitar work s top-notch with swirling eddies and sizzling licks that add further complexity to an already heady cut. The breakdown at the three-minute mark provides a second to breathe before Palehound amps back up for a final minute of contemplation.

Palehound “If You Met Her” / 2017 Polyvinyl Records /

Meresha “Enter the Dreamland”

“Enter the Dreamland”, the latest single from Meresha, links together pop with a down-tempo, chill sort of EDM. The snap track provides a solid counterpoint for Meresha’s vocals, while the thoughtful compositions are something that will stick with listeners long after the track ceases to play. Hints of 1980s new wave and dance (imagine Pet Shop Boys and Tiffany) provide Enter The Dreamland with an additional oomph. With a current and contemporary sound that is tremendously reverent to the past, Enter the Dreamland will be loved by anyone fortunate enough to listen in. Check out the video below.

Meresha “Enter the Dreamland” /

Real Estate Tips for Buying the Right Property

People who are passionate about property investment are aware of the numerous benefits of investing in this type of asset. Just like with any other kind of investment, it is important to know what you want and understand what the process involves. Research will help you find the best deals and yield substantial returns in the long run. Continue reading “Real Estate Tips for Buying the Right Property”

Four Reasons You Should Visit a National Park This Year

There are many reasons to visit a national park, from spending time with family to supporting preservation and communing with nature. Plus, a trip to a natural park helps you to de-stress and calms your mind. You can travel to a national park with friends and family to improve your social well-being and strengthen your relationships. Continue reading “Four Reasons You Should Visit a National Park This Year”

Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate headphones a good buy

Over the course of the last month or so, we have experienced the UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate headphones by JBL. The overall fit of the earphones is provided through a set of sized earpads, while the over-ear bar ensures that one will not lose the headphones during a particularly intense workout.The headphones pair easily with Bluetooth and provide both playback and a microphone function for those that may be taking calls. For those with the UA Band, the Sport Wirelesses connect and share data. Those that purchase these headphones will be able to access the MapMyRun app for a year, free. The major draw of these headphones over those on the market is the ability to be updated audibly about one’s heart rate. When I use the treadmill, I have to typically change my gait to put my hands on the heart rate sensors; with the Sport Wireless Heart Rate headphones I can keep the same speed and intensity from my first step until the conclusion of my workout. Continue reading “Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate headphones a good buy”

New Super-Man: Volume 1 (DC Comics)

I have been out of the DC Comics loop for a bit, only keeping up to date with the cartoons and feature films. As such, we missed the initial run of New Super-man, a fascinating story that showcases new locales and a Superman-like character in Kenan Kong. Kenan starts the story as an American-styled bully in China, beating up and stealing from a fellow school mate. After the falls into a lucky situation regarding Blue Condor, government officials take notice.  Continue reading “New Super-Man: Volume 1 (DC Comics)”

Byron BT Wireless Headphones (Beyerdynamic)

Beyerdynamic’s Byron BT Wireless Headphones are quite possibly the best sub-$100 wireless earbuds we’ve reviewed at NeuFutur. While small in size, the Byron BT Wireless Headphones provide a full sound that equally well capture gaming, news, and music beats with the greatest of ease. Continue reading “Byron BT Wireless Headphones (Beyerdynamic)”

Love X Stereo – “37A”

Dark and Light is a track that defies convention. The soaring vocals laid down here are backed by airy and light compositions that draw heavily from ambient and indie-pop styles. Throughout this effort, listeners can hear just a bit of pop infused within; this is something that could easily crossover to radio / Spotify pop rotation.  Continue reading “Love X Stereo – “37A””

Trae Byrnes – Why You So Loud

Trae Byrnes (hailing from Chicago, Illinois) begin their new mixtape Why You So Loud with It’s Lit, a song which shatters the conception of what a rock band should sound like. There are nods to classic acts like Stone Temple Pilots and Franz Ferdinand, while the stripped-down style of rock that issues forth early calls upon an earlier tradition. Continue reading “Trae Byrnes – Why You So Loud”