Achieving the Perfect Vagina: Why Opt for a Labiaplasty?

Labial hypertrophy is a genetic enlargement or elongation of the labia minora, which often makes a lot of women feel uncomfortable and anxious about their physical appearance in this most intimate of regions. The majority of women having this condition worry about what their partner’s reactions is going to be once they see them naked. Confidence in wearing certain types of clothing is reduced: some even refuse to do certain exercises because they feel too uncomfortable as they get this “pinching” feeling against their labia. Excessive tissue in the genital area also proves to be difficult to clean, which later on may present as a problematic infection.

A Daily Hindrance

The simple crossing of legs can be very annoying. Exercising, especially in the forms of yoga, running, and bicycling is hindered because it can get extremely uncomfortable. Wearing spandex pants and swimsuits is almost like a shout out and a drawing of attention to their genital region because of the prominence of their vaginal lips. This limits their movements as they get overly conscious about how they appear to others. It diminishes their confidence as they develop a twisted, downgraded view of themselves.

Psychological Issues

A lot of women with this problem admit to being hesitant with regards to sexual intercourse because of the double jeopardy of physical and emotional difficulties they face. No matter how much they trust their partners, intercourse could still be stress-provoking for them. A heavier burden is their hampered self-esteem as they dwell on the possibility of rejection and being unwanted for what they consider to be a flaw. Having larger labia than normal also predisposes them to a painful sexual activity, as this potentially leads to chafing, bleeding, and rashes in the genital area.

Health Issues

Vulnerability to infection is one of the major deciding factors for women who have chosen to undergo labiaplasty. Among these women, irritation and pain induced by wearing tight pants has been a chronic problem, as explained by OB/GYN and labiaplasty specialist David Ghozland. A lot of women decide to undergo the procedure as a preventative measure before they get an infection.

Another issue caused by larger labia is moisture retention. Larger labia have a tendency to attract moisture, which increases the chances of contracting a yeast infection. This is especially true for women who are more active and want to reduce the amount of moisture in the area during intense work or exercise.

Labiaplasty is a painless medical procedure performed in an outpatient setting. Patients can go back home a few hours after and resume their daily activities a day after the procedure. Minimally invasive and requiring only local anesthesia, this cosmetic labial reduction is by far the best choice as a permanent solution for the removal of excess labial tissue. If you feel like this is the choice for you, don’t be afraid to consult a reputed and attentive specialist with a solid reputation to guide you through the whole procedure.

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