Danny Everitt – Dream Big

Danny Everitt - Dream Big

Danny Everitt begins his Dream Big with a titular effort that ties together Willie Nelson, Dire Straits, and Hank Williams Jr; the rich style that comes forth during this introductory track will immediately pique listeners’ interest. Get The Hook is a delightful blend of charismatic vocals and intelligent instrumental arrangements. The replayability of Get The Hook is high through the dense interactions between the guitars, drums, and organ. 

She Don’t Mess With My Buzz keeps things interesting through the inclusion of a second set of vocals. The back and forth between the male and female elements makes for a must-listen sound. The backing instrumentation builds off of the framework of ZZ Top and The Outlaws; the guitar work that acts as the middle point (at around 2:40) is precisely what is needed to push the track into a higher gear. The Tables Have Turned is a more contemplative and introspective effort. This ballad provides listeners with a rare look into the softer side of Everitt. Fans of storyline in their music will dig The Tables Have Turned, as Everitt tells a tale that many listening in will understand.

Is There Anymore Gold is another high-water mark for Danny on Dream Big. The track keeps the same voluminous narration that made The Tables Have Turned a must-listen, but the instrumentation is robust, drawing upon mid-sixties David Bowie and The Eagles.  Love Is For All Times is the closing effort on Dream Big. The guitar / vocal dynamic is fun and builds u momentum as Everitt continues on. Everitt’s shift to contributing both narrative and vocal harmonies is a solid way to end Dream Big; the disc is available in physical and online streaming formats.

Top Tracks: Get The Hook, She Don’t Mess With My Buzz

Rating: 8.4/10

Danny Everitt – Dream Big / 2017 Self Released / 11 Tracks / https://www.reverbnation.com/dannyeveritt / http://www.dannyeveritt.net/


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