Know your options when choosing the right protein shake

People have become crazy about fitness, and it has affected all ages cutting across gender lines. All of us are trying to stay fit as a fiddle and hit the gym regularly while turning to health drinks that provide the additional nutrients that the body needs. Moreover, the paucity of time is another reason why people are more attracted to nutritional supplements. Among various nutritional supplements available, the whey protein supplement like the one you find at Wheelhouse Nutrition is a more powerful body builder, and you can consume it quickly by mixing the powder in a glass of chosen beverage. Moreover, it gets quickly absorbed in the body, as it does not contain any fat at all.

Time for health drinks

You must know the best time for consuming the nutritional supplement, and it depends on the type of supplement that you choose. Usually, you should take the supplement before and after workout sessions by deciding what you are consuming and why.

If you are into endurance and strength training, then you must take the supplement before you start exercising. Carbohydrates and protein supplement suits those who take endurance training, and for strength training, you must take protein and to. If you take it after the training, then it must be a mix carbohydrates and protein for endurance training and only protein for strength training. Muscle recovery happens at night, and you can consume high protein in the evening to facilitate it. Early morning drinks rejuvenate the body, as it needs nutrients to start the day. In between meals, you can take medium digesting protein powders.

 Choice of proteins

The body needs proteins, and it should come from your diet. However, for various reasons, the right quantity of protein from the diet is not available. Even the lifestyle of people can increase the demand for proteins, like those who are on an exercise regimen.

Whey protein

This is ideal for those who are lactose intolerant and needs high protein intake. Whey is excellent for muscle protein synthesis and is the reason why those who exercise a lot depend on it heavily. The high content of leucine, which is an amino acid, aids the process of stimulating muscles. Whey protein powder is widely consumed, and the protein content is usually not less than 85% and can go higher up depending on how it is processed.

Egg protein

For those who want mid range protein that takes some time for absorption of the body rely on egg protein derived from the white of eggs. It does not contain any carbohydrates and fat, and the biological value of the protein is lower than what you would get from a whole egg. Being free from fat and carbohydrates, it is similar in effect to whey protein hydrolysate that supports the muscles during the workout.

Multi-component protein

For medium digesting protein, you can choose a multi-component protein, which is a mixture of casein, wheyMuchand soy. Select the composition according to the protein intake you want to have. A lot of variety is available in this range.

About the author – Sam Nicholson is a football coach and doubles up as a part time fitness trainer. He is a specialist in sports diet and has been part of the team at Wheelhouse Nutrition, the company that produces nutritional products. Watching movies is his favorite past time.

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