It comes off as no surprise that Ann Arbor, Michigan, is the host of extreme weather conditions throughout the year. This can be quite unsettling for inappropriate housing standards, and your household can suffer from severe accidents due to faulty roofing, broken tiles, and loose shingles. While this can be a major concern if you’re unaware of the problem with your housing facilities, a roof inspection every now and then is considered pivotal, especially if you plan on riding the storm in Ann Arbor.

Mentioned below are top 3 reasons why your house could need a brand new roof in Ann Arbor, Michigan.



Almost everything is exposed to wear and tear, and this might be the case with old roofs as well. If your house is almost a couple of decades old, you need to hire a roofing inspector with expertise who could analyze and fill you in regarding the estimate of the required roofing installments and repairs. Inspecting your roof of any faulty shingles could come in handy in more ways than one, since shingled roofs come with increased weather resistance and better quality.



Loose shingles can also affect your house’s aesthetics, and its appearance. While this might be considered as completely irrelevant by some people, it comes off as no surprise that why a new roof in Ann Arbor wouldn’t increase the value of the entire home.

It is reported that the difference might be as significant as ten grand, and a new roofed house also tends to open more doors to potential leads and customers due to utmost quality and upright maintenance. You can also cut down on marketing or wasting extra funds on real estate agents with a durable and weather-resistant roof.



Just like every other housing facility, roofing materials and techniques too, get an upgrade. Shingles with adjustable solar panels are available, which come in handy during extreme sun exposure in summer, which is nothing new for residents of Ann Arbor. However, with immense sun exposure, there are always fleeting utility bills, which is why such shingles help keep indoors cool by reflecting the sunlight and its heat away.

On the other hand, most roofing contractors such as a2roofing in Ann Arbor, Michigan provide a large variety of roofing upgrades, such as vent booting, valley sealing, ice dam removal and skylights’ installation, to name a few. They also provide shingles for different types of roofing, such as cedar shake, asphalt, metal and tile.

While considering the heavy maintenance chore, it should be kept in mind that installing a new roof isn’t as easy as your favourite home ‘chopping’ network makes it seem. When you’re considering going for a new roof installation in Ann Arbor, we recommend you to tackle experts instead of doing it yourself, and then making a huge mess at home. Doing it yourself seems like a breeze at times, but if you have no idea about what you’re doing, then you might end up bringing your whole house down.

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