Runnin’ With The Devil: A Backstage Pass to the Wild Times

Noel Monk managed Van Halen from 1978 – 1985, the biggest rock band in the world during that run. And while he was ultimately fired from the band and cut out of millions of dollars, he certainly left the gig with a slew of stories, funny, sad and salacious. Thanks to a 30-plus year NDA agreement that has recently run out, he’s now able to channel the best of those stories into Running’ With The Devil, a wildly compelling read about a band that has certainly earned its reputation for being both great musically and atrocious on a personal level. Continue reading “Runnin’ With The Devil: A Backstage Pass to the Wild Times”

How to Choose the Best Painting Contractor for Your House?

It is pretty challenging to identify the right painting contractor for beautifying your home, especially, if you have never actually, hired a professional before for a home refurbishment project. You have to make the right choice so that you do not end up paying through your nose for some substandard painting job. So, how do you go about choosing the right painting contractor for giving your house a brand new look without really ripping you off? You need to choose a well-known and reliable painting contractor whom you could rely on completely to deliver top quality services and provide the highest value for money. Here are a few guidelines that would help you make the right choice. Continue reading “How to Choose the Best Painting Contractor for Your House?”

Filament Aggregation Protein (Filaggrin): Demystifying the Mystery that is Eczema

Eczema is one of those medical conditions for which a lot of studies have been done yet there have been no conclusive findings yet. Your doctor might not be able to tell you exactly what is causing this skin condition and this has made eczema one of the most misunderstood medical conditions. Today, there is a lot of information, especially with the advent of internet technology, and this is both a good and bad thing.  Continue reading “Filament Aggregation Protein (Filaggrin): Demystifying the Mystery that is Eczema”

Social sport and gaming business online

Making an online business under a strict competition which exists on the market today is not a simple task. You can offer the same products, the same service within sports and gaming. While defining your target group, you should develop the service every day and show that your product is better than competitor’s one. You know, it is as simply being the main marketing issue, that no need to mention about the importance of finding your niche. Continue reading “Social sport and gaming business online”

The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Backyard Space

A backyard can be transformed into a number of things – a peaceful retreat, an adventurous space for your pets, a play territory for the children. The truth is, these possibilities rest with your creativity and imagination. However, with every creativity, you must keep in consideration the aim behind this space. Similarly, you must keep in mind the weather conditions and other aspects before excavating and embedding new shrubs and flowers. Continue reading “The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Backyard Space”

Tunabunny – PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland, Jr. (Vinyl)

With a title like that, you kind of know what you’re in for. Spread across two records, this 28-song, 75-minute opus is a pretty bold experiment for the Athens-based indie pop band just three albums into their career. Surprisingly, it pays off handsomely. Continue reading “Tunabunny – PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland, Jr. (Vinyl)”

Londale – AM/FM

Londale is able to tell a complete and engaging story with their new album AM/FM. The album begins with Hey, a rock track that soars on chugging guitars, on point drums, and charismatic vocals. Fans of Cheap Trick, Live, and Alkaline Trio will be able to appreciate what Londale has put forward. Hold Me Down is another unique track that draws upon a varied musical tradition. This means that there are nods to “Test For Echo”-era Rush, Live, and the Counting Crows as Londale takes listeners for a journey. Continue reading “Londale – AM/FM”

Eztain – Iconoclast EP

Australia’s Eztain has just released his Iconoclast EP, a release that touches upon a number of distinct electronic styles. The first track (and titular effort) on this EP is able to create a cogent narrative while being an instrumental composition. Strong syntheseizer and a shuffling beat build off of the style of artists like Daft Punk and Cassius. There is just enough spontaneity here to the momentum high until the single’s concluding notes. Chimaera has a haunting sound and challenges genre conventions. There is a shuffling sound to this effort that will get listeners out on the dance floor, as Eztain is able to create a dark / light dichotomy to ensnare fans.  Continue reading “Eztain – Iconoclast EP”

TOILE Showroom – Why Are White Bed Sheets Supposed to Be an Integral Part of Bedroom Décor?

Everyone has a dream of turning their bedroom into a real haven of peace and serenity. Your bedroom is your private space where you would eagerly want to get back to after a hectic day at work. This is the place where you would love to come back every night to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate to face another new and challenging day. Your bedroom is your retreat where you would celebrate your milestones or tackle with your depression. Continue reading “TOILE Showroom – Why Are White Bed Sheets Supposed to Be an Integral Part of Bedroom Décor?”

Banditos – Visonland (CD)

The past two years spent on the road have done nothing to dull the sound and ambitions of Nashville, by way of Birmingham’s Banditos. Their 2015 debut was a magnificent mix of ZZ Top and the Georgia Satellites. The follow up, “Visionland,” doubles down on those same ingredients and the result is twice as rewarding. Continue reading “Banditos – Visonland (CD)”