Brandon Stone – Right Kinda Wrong (feat. Breana Marin)

Brandon Stone - Right Kinda Wrong (feat. Breana Marin)

Brandon Stone’s Right Kinda Wrong is a track that could eaisly make it onto pop or R&B radio rotation. The production of the track allows for Stone and Breana Marin’s vocals to shine alone or as part of the greater whole. There are hints of EDM and trap that make themselves known during this track. What results is an effort that stands up to repeat plays, whil;e having enough depth to continually yield different twists and turns even a few listens in. We were a fan of the lush production on Right Kinda Wrong, in that it allows a number of things to occur at any one point without making the resulting track sound muddled or needlessly complex.

There are influences to Stone’s flow – one can hear hints of Drake, The Game and Tyga that can be discerned here. What is most exciting about Right Kinda Wrong has to be how unique the composition ends up being. Marin’s vocals are sexy and sultry, providing additional depth to the track. Having two vocal tracks on a single has been problematic for a great number of performers, but the dynamic between Marin and Stone works. I think that each side – male and female – pushes the other to an entirely higher plateau than would be present if only one piece of this puzzle was included.

I would like to hear more from these two in the months and the years to come, and until that happens, I think that we’ll be able to easily blast Right Kinda Wrong through late summer into the fall months. For additional information about each of the performers and to hear samples of Right Kinda Wrong, check out the websites that are at the end of this review.

Rating: 8.4/10

Brandon Stone – Right Kinda Wrong (feat. Breana Marin) / 2017 Self Released /

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