Jane’s Addiction – Alive at Twenty-Five (DVD/Blu Ray/CD)

A lot has happened in the 25 years since Jane’s Addiction last released their fantastic, one-time swan song Ritual De Lo Habitual: The band split up and got back together several times; Front man Perry Farrell invented the modern-day touring rock festival with Lollapalooza (an unfortunate side effect, we also had decades of marketing folks tacking the suffix -palooza onto any event in an attempt to make it hip) and guitarist Dave Navarro managed to join and quit a slew of different bands. Continue reading “Jane’s Addiction – Alive at Twenty-Five (DVD/Blu Ray/CD)”

Fogcutter Double IPA (Lost Coast Brewery)

Fogcutter is Lost Coast’s Double IPA, pouring with a dark yellow to brownish coloration. There is a fair amount of whitish head that leaves lacing as one continues to drink a glass. There is a sharp, piney initial flavor that opens up gradually. A hint of sweetness works with more floral and fruit elements, making for a double IPA that hits the hoppy and fruity sides of the style. While this is a 8.7% ABV, Lost Coast has ensured their Fogcutter goes down easily. There is a hint of an alcohol bite that peeks through at points, but it works well with the numerous other voices present in the beer. Continue reading “Fogcutter Double IPA (Lost Coast Brewery)”

Silhouette Rising “Technicolor” and “Won’t Be Young Forever”

Silhouette Rising’s “Technicolor” is a tender track that provides a bit of tender Americana/folk into a Goo Goo Dolls sound. The focal point held by the vocals distinguishes Technicolor from other rock / alt-rock efforts. The deliberate sound of the band ensures that fans will stick with the single until the song’s final notes.

Won’t Be Young Forever is our favorite from Silhouette Rising. The track brings a bit of emo rock and modern alternative into the mix, mooring them to a very contemplative rock style. Fans will need to play the songs multiple times before hearing every dynamic that exists between the members of the act.

Silhouette Rising “Technicolor” and “Won’t Be Young Forever” / http://www.facebook.com/SilhouetteRising

Matt LeGrand “All Good”

Matt LeGrand’s “All Good” a perfect example of a single that one can keep on repeat. The catchiness of the vocals, the multiple-layered instrumentation, and a perfect production makes All Good into one of those efforts that you’re only fortunate to find every few years. There are bits of 2016/2017-era Justin BIeber and Shawn Mendez here, but part of LeGrand’s allure is the unique take that he has when compared to other performers on the market. It’s a bit of earnest, honest feeling that many pop tracks miss, and it is this honesty that ensures that All Good will continue to garner rotation here at NeuFutur HQ.

Matt LeGrand “All Good” / https://www.instagram.com/MattLeGrandOfficial/https://twitter.com/mattylegrand

Ivy Layne “One You Love”

Ivy Layne’s “One You Love” is a bouncy, hopeful dance track that blends more tropical sounds with a unique set of vocals. Ivy Layne is able to slot her latest single in with EDM and pop radio artists, while having a bit more thought but into her composition. The dynamic that is presented between the vocals and backing instrumentation pushes each to an entirely higher plateau. Furthermore, the depth of these dynamics are such that fans will continue to find new nooks and crannies after a few listens. With a melody that will bounce around fans’ heads throughout the autumn, One You Love is destined for heavy rotation.

Ivy Layne “One You Love” / https://ivylayne.comhttps://twitter.com/ivylayne_music

America 51: A Probe Into the Realities That Are Hiding Inside by Corey Taylor

In a sentence that should be a surprise to many, Corey Taylor – best known for his metal bands Slipknot and Stone Sour – is a published author. Let that one sink in for a moment. Continue reading “America 51: A Probe Into the Realities That Are Hiding Inside by Corey Taylor”

Angelica Joni “Exhale”

Angelica Joni’s “Exhale” a fantastic effort that builds upon the dance style of the late 1990s and infuses it with current EDM sensibilities. The progressive house and trance that comprises the backing arrangements pushes Joni’s vocals to a whole new plateau. There is a good momentum that is propagated through the single which ensures that listeners will get out on the dance floor. Angelica Joni’s vocals on Exhale adopt hints of Amber and Ray of Light-era Madonna while her own unique style bubbles through. A simply fantastic dance track that has legs through the end of the year.

Angelica Joni “Exhale” / http://www.angelicajonimusic.com/

DeCarlo “Lit Right Now”

DeCarlo’s “Lit Right Now” begins with a slow, sultry sound that is punctuated well with hints of a falsetto. The dynamic between the instrumentation and DeCarlo’s vocals makes for a track that will bury itself deep into the minds and hearts of fans. The sheer range that is achieved during Lit Right Now is no mean feat; this performer is able to make a unique sound that hits all of the marks necessary to garner some serious radio and Spotify plays through the end of the summer. Here’s to hoping that DeCarlo is able to use this momentum to continue building his destiny. Continue reading “DeCarlo “Lit Right Now””

Ivan Keith ft. Dre Butterz “Get It Together”

“Get It Together” is a track that ties together a hard-hitting rap flow with an erudite, smart R&B-inspired hook. A piano line inexorably entwines these two elements. With nods to performers like Outkast, Big K.R.I.T., and Kendrick Lamar, the intricate and thoughtful rap style that dominates Get It Together is of a class all its own. The harder/softer approach first came to prominence with Tupac’s “Dear Mama”, but I feel as if Get It Together has taken the next evolutionary step forward. Both Ivan Keith and Dre Butterz put in a serious amount of work making this into a life-changing effort. 

Ivan Keith ft. Dre Butterz “Get It Together” / https://twitter.com/IvanKeithBMBhttps://twitter.com/DreButterz313

justdoitBRISK “Flashin’”

justdoitBRISK’s “Flashin’” is a rapid-fire rap track that will have listeners on the edges of their seats. The backing beat provides just enough in the way of flash to highlight justdoitBRISK’s vocals at all of the right points. Bits of Young Thug and Jaden Smith can be picked up here, but Flashin is a track that is uniquely justdoitBRISK’s own. The production of the single is on point, with every drum beat and lyric placed at a perfect place. With a polish that far outstrips justdoitBRISK’s time in the game, we at NeuFutur foresee great things from this Floridian.  Continue reading “justdoitBRISK “Flashin’””