Austin David – Find Me a New Way

Austin David’s Find Me a New Way is a track that deserve to be on high rotation throughout the variety of pop and dance stations. The sunny disposition of the track, the vocal ability of Austin David, and how well the instrumental and vocal sides work in tandem make this into one of the best singles that we have heard so far this autumn> The assertive percussive beat is what gets us; we cannot do anything but bounce around to the track. When there is the bit of chaos that is inserted in the track around the two-minute mark, all we can do is drop everything we’re doing and focus on in.

Austin David – Find Me a New Way /

Jared Dylan – We Can’t

Jared Dylan’s We Can’t is a hooky pop track that will immediately draw listeners in with sexy vocals and a backing beat that melds together pop, rock, and EDM music into a neat package. Dylan’s vocals take the best pieces of Maroon 5, One Direction, and Justin Timberlake to make for a strong an assertive sound that pairs nicely with the shuffling, shambling dance beat that comprises the instrumental side of We Can’t. Jared Dylan is a fantastic new addition to the pop charts; I have no doubt that we will hear more from this performer in the months and the years to come.

Jared Dylan – We Can’t /


John Hickman – Cascade

John Hickman’s Cascade is a completely engrossing track that ties together a wide variety of styles and approaches to make for somethign epic. THere are nods to alternative, progressive rock, and new wave music during Cascade. Hickman’s vocals are the unifying part here; the sheer vocal range that John reaches during this single has to be heard to be believed. A beautiful music video represents the final part of this puzzle; it speaks to the more trippy, Heavy Metal-esque sounds that Hickman achieves during Cascade. Tremendous guitar lines represent a particularly impressive part of an already stellar release.

John Hickman – Cascade /

Mister Zuckerberg “Digital Rain”

Mister Zuckerberg’s “Digital Rain” is an interesting electronic track that blends trip-hop and industrial styles into a format that is utterly new and exciting. THe digitzed vocals provide a narrative for Digital Rain as the the percussion and bass elements provide an engrossing backdrop for the single. The novelty of Mister Zuckerberg ensures that listeners will be focused in to each and every note that is present during this cut; the song itself is engrossing in a similar vein to some of the Kraftwerk discography or the earlier works of Wendy Carlos.

Mister Zuckerberg “Digital Rain” /

ash.ØK “The Unraveled”

The Unraveled is a powerful track that blends together ambient music with an indie meets atmospheric sound. The vocals that are laid down by Rebecca Loebe imbue the track with an energy and an incredible depth. The number of distinct tacks that are taken during this single ensure that listeners will have to play the single multiple times before hearing every dynamic that is established. Continue reading “ash.ØK “The Unraveled””

The Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request 50th Anniversary Special Edition (Double Vinyl/Double SACD)

Fifty years after its release, the polarizing Rolling Stones classic (yes, classic) Their Satanic Majesties Request is finally getting a much-deserved re-release in the form of a double vinyl set (including mono and stereo versions). The package also includes a double hybrid Super Audio CD as well. Continue reading “The Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request 50th Anniversary Special Edition (Double Vinyl/Double SACD)”

Exile on Broad Street (Libertine)

Libertine has given their Biere de Garde a bit of time in brandy barrels, which gives the brew a bit of a bite that has a tendency to take one’s breath away. The beer pours with a light brown to dark tan coloration ad a fair amount of off-white head that is fairly slow to dissipate. The beer’s nose has hints of a farmhouse and hay funk, while the initial sip of Exile on Broad Street has an immediate sweetness from the peaches. The tart twang comes forth pretty immediately after that, which is a bit reminiscent of sweet tarts. There are enough twists and turns to Exile on Broad Street that become more and less prevalent as the beer continues to reach room temperature.  Continue reading “Exile on Broad Street (Libertine)”

Speak without Shame or Fear! The Right Speech Pathologist Can Help

If your child is facing a problem with speech, it is time you do something. In fact, not only children sometimes adults also have difficulty with speech. It is one such area that is widely preferred by people to for a healthy living. Speech disorders are quite common and even till a few years ago there was no proper treatment. People have to face much humiliation in their daily life owing to speech problems. However, now there is no need to hide just because you have difficulty in speaking like others. It is a not a big issue, and proper treatment by professional speech pathologist can help you to get effective results within a short duration.  Continue reading “Speak without Shame or Fear! The Right Speech Pathologist Can Help”

sutrobath – Reptile EP

sutrobath’s Reptile EP is a tremendously cohesive effort, even when one considers that the constituent tracks all build on distinct styles and approaches. For example, the titular effort on the Reptile EP has haunting vocals in the same vein as Tool, an echoing drum beat and hints of industrial styles that are weaved throughout. In A Room has a more of a hard rock feel; fans of The Deftones and Killing Joke will find something that they can dig here. Moving between goth-metal and progressive styles, this tremendously emotional track will require fans listen to the effort multiple times before hearing everything that has been placed within. End of Days is a more thoughtful and introspective track. Continue reading “sutrobath – Reptile EP”

Matt Allen – Last Time EP

Matt Allen has just released his Last Time EP, a four-track extended play that showcases tremendous depth in a small smattering of singles. Get To Know Me is a soulful track that showcases Allen’s tremendous vocal ability, all while there is a robust R&B production that benefits from a thick bass line and soulful keys. Ride The Moment begins with an inviting clap track that ties together soul and gospel styles into a retro-sounding track that has a truly worldwide appeal. The presence of a chorus and influences for Matt including Lionel Richie and Raphael Saadiq makes this into a track that could easily garner some serious radio play.  Continue reading “Matt Allen – Last Time EP”