Ephrata – Ephrata (CD)

Long after the media and major labels finally left Seattle alone, the music scene there continued to flourish without the spotlight, branching out from the one or two assigned genres they were shouldered with thanks to lazy journalism. The result is a slew of amazing, inventive bands that still call Seattle home. And among them is Ephrata. Continue reading “Ephrata – Ephrata (CD)”

Soulspan – Hey

On their new track Hey, Soulspan call back to the storied days of the middle 1990s and adopt hints of Jane’s Addiction and Pearl Jam. The bit of jam-band meets indie-rock that the band crafts is unique but builds upon a rich tradition. Taut instrumentation and catchy, dreamy vocals will draw listeners in while the overall arrangement of Hey is something that will continue new twists and turns each and every time that listeners play the track. The rapid switches through tempos and sounds make this into a track that is ready for rock radio rotation. Give Hey a spin.

Soulspan – Hey / 2017 Self Released / https://www.soulspanofficial.com/

Creating a Healthy Home for Allergy Sufferers

If you are an allergy sufferer, it goes without saying that your home must be a lot cleaner than most. With the goal of reducing allergens in your home, it is important to create an allergy management plan that will ensure that you reduce or alleviate the allergy symptoms that plague you. Selecting the right products for the cleaning job is important because some of the products used may exacerbate your symptoms by causing irritation.  Continue reading “Creating a Healthy Home for Allergy Sufferers”

Do I Really Need to Hire Professional Moving Services?

One of the most life-changing and exciting things you can do is moving, be it across the state when going to college or to a different state after getting a new job. Clearly, not all moves are the same. Some are bigger than others and making sure that you do it right can be quite stressful, especially if you don’t hire the right moving company. Continue reading “Do I Really Need to Hire Professional Moving Services?”

Top Reasons Why You Should or Should Not Install Gutter Guards

Almost all homeowners find the task of regularly cleaning the gutters very tiresome. Gutter guards have long been touted as the best way of keeping your gutters clean and free-flowing, however, not everybody agrees that installing gutter guards are worth the effort and the investment. A quick look at the pros and cons: Continue reading “Top Reasons Why You Should or Should Not Install Gutter Guards”

7 Reasons to Engage Professional Plumbers

Finding a professional and reliable plumber can be tricky, but if you find one in your locality, you need to cultivate a relationship because sooner or later, you will need a plumber. Even though there are some things that you could turn into DIY projects, you do need to call a plumber in for some things. Here are some advantages that come with calling a professional plumber: Continue reading “7 Reasons to Engage Professional Plumbers”

The Outdoor Type – Perspectives EP (CD)

Zack Buchanan, playing under the moniker The Outdoor Type, may just have one official EP to be judged on at the moment, but in those four tracks he shows immense promise. Sounding like a slightly more laid-back Frank Turner, there are hints at folk, pop and Americana, all vying for attention on Perspectives, the Australian natives Netwerk debut. Continue reading “The Outdoor Type – Perspectives EP (CD)”

Mr. Flannery and His Feelings – “Pushing Up”

Hints of They Might Be Giants and 1980s indie rock in the vein of The Talking Heads. Of particular note during Pushing Up has to be the robust musicianship; the complex arrangement that play in the background here add so much to the earnest and honest vocals laid down by Mr. Flannery and His Feelings. The video for Pushing Up has all of the whimsy present in the song adding an further level of depth to the composition; no matter what sort of music one finds themselves into, Mr. Flannery and His Feelings are able to speak volumes toward. Give Pushing Up a spin.


Mr. Flannery and His Feelings/ indie rock/ 2017/ Rhyme & Reason Records/ For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/mrflanneryandhisfeelings/


Ace Harper “Neon Heart”

Ace Harper’s “Neon Heart” is a strong blend of indie rock and pop styles, making for an absolutely dreamy sort of track that will tattoo its melodies deep into listeners’ hearts. The tremendous instrumentation present during Neon Heart deserves additional spins; there is a dark, rich, and absolutely brooding backing beat that provides additional complexity to the lyrics that Ace Harper is laying down here. There are hints of Echosmith and The Breeders; this is something wholly new that works well no matter where one decides to slot the single. Ace Harper brings considerable charisma to Neon Heart, to the degree that we will be eagerly anticipating more music coming from her later this year and next.


Ace Harper “Neon Heart” / https://www.facebook.com/aceharper20/