Living in Excruciating Body Pain? Learn How a Certified Chiropractor Can Help

Pain is something no one wants to experience but like many other bad things in life, it is inevitable. Many people suffer joint, back and neck pain throughout their lives. If you are living in pain, you have most likely tried many options available with no success. If you haven’t tried professional chiropractor services, it is time to learn how manual therapies can treat that nagging pain that is threatening to ruin your life.

What You Need to Know about Chiropractor Services

Before trying any form of treatment, it is always advisable to learn what it entails and understand any risks involved. The chiropractic profession borrows heavily from pain relief practices used in ancient civilizations. However, it was when Daniel David Palmer started his chiropractic practice in 1895 that this became accepted in the mainstream health industry.

The term chiropractic comes from Greek terms that closely translate to doing by hand. This is the basis of the practice because a chiropractor uses learnt and tested hand techniques to administer pain relief. Chiropractor care offers a holistic, non-invasive treatment approach to pain relief. This is a totally drug-free and surgery-free path to healing the body.

The popularity of chiropractic care has seen over 27 million Americans going for these services with one million chiropractic adjustment being performed every business day in the U.S.

Versatility of Chiropractic Services

One of the reasons why chiropractic services are so popular is because they deal with a broad range of common conditions. The main principle in chiropractic care is providing holistic treatment of the body including the physical, mental and emotional aspects. This means a single session at a chiropractor’s clinic deals with a whole range of issues.

Among the many conditions that this treatment method deals with include back pain, arthritis, joint and neck pain, ear infections, headaches, blood pressure, boosting organ function, bowel regularity, mood/panic issues, sport injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and breathing and lung problems. These are just some of the health and pain issues that chiropractic services deal with.

Highly Effective Procedures

Another reason why chiropractic care is highly regarded has to do with its highly effective procedures. A survey by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) shows high success rates for chiropractic therapy compared to ordinary pain relief treatment. 94% of surveyed patients who underwent chiropractic treatment enjoyed a 30% reduction in lower back pain while only 56% of patients who visited their usual doctor witnessed the same levels of pain reduction.

Among the chiropractic treatments used by these professionals include spinal adjustments, chiropractic manipulations, spine and sports rehabilitation, acupuncture, physiotherapy (ice therapy, moist heat, traction and ultrasound), spinal and postural screenings, and soft tissue techniques among others. All these treatments are drugless and safe.

Whether you have suffered an injury that is taking time to heal or you have chronic back or neck pain, these treatment procedures are FDA-approved and safe. When identifying the best chiropractic service, make sure you do some research about the professional you are going to use, ask for references, and ensure the practitioner is trained, certified and licensed.

The best practice will also have excellent customer service in case you have any queries. You don’t have to live in pain anymore when chiropractic care offers FDA-approved, drugless, versatile, safe and customized pain-relief solutions.

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